Kazėnaitė which incorporates the new collection – in a genetic screen

It is said that the diamond is the best female friends. Diamantė Kazėnaitė also offers support for this. One of the most beautiful girls in the country is to be the kind of jewelery "INDIVI".

In a photograph, a girl presents tails, decorated with Tahitian pearls. It is the knowledge of his / her; The collection of jewelery collection created by D. Kazėnaitė.

There are daily diamonds

The INDIVI jewelry studio ambassador ensures that the fastest diamond and constantly changing, and symbolizing stability, sustainability and sustainability. "Some of my jewelry are diamonds, they are very important to me. In this case, quality is, not the number, the most important thing," said D. Kazėnaitė.

This session is unique for a beautiful expert. D. Kazėnaitė raised the idea of ​​how diamond advertising should look like. One of the most famous fashion photographers in the Gediminas Žilinskas country helped to achieve it.

"Drawing styles, the animation is very close. I did not want to get out the beauty of a normal woman, who we often see in a horn in advertising . I show a strong woman in pictures. She's going to women, but her confidence is to pack herself and her values ​​", D. Kazėnaėė a & # 39; talk about the idea of ​​a painting session.

Great and interesting jewelry with D. diamonds Kaznaityte is associated with night dress. In a photograph, the girl tried to give a sound to daily mix. Low jewelry for your pictures is ideal for simple, unusual clothing. "In a photograph, I'll wear a different white flowering. I wanted to show that the beauty of diamonds does not need a pretty dress. It's much more important than the joy, character, indoor and indoor jewels ", – D. Kaznaitytė is sure.

The collection is very personal

D. Kazėnaitė shows not only jewelery that has been created by many experienced jewelers. The pictures also show jewelry, and D. Kazėnaitė was alongside her birth. "Co-operation is still a special event for me. Not only did this logo have the opportunity to show the beauty of their costume, but also to create, achieve the vision ", – a & # 39; pray the girl.

D. Kazėnaitė created seven pieces of gold and diamonds: many kinds of charm and earrings. They are all personally, showing personality D. Kazėnaitė, an idea of ​​the world. One is a cross with a small diamond tied to the neck, a & # 39; replicates religion.

The girl always wanted black earrings that would be particularly close. And, D. Kazėnaitė designed a small round mill with renewable hangers. Some are decorated with diamonds.

"He always liked symbols of jewelry. My ears can decorate sheep with moon-shaped meadows. With nature, it's a nightnight, so the symbol is very close. I also chose the crochet with a zinc shape. It is related to holidays and rest, when it's warm to the body and easy to think. I enjoy traveling so big, and how So the sink reminds me of the holidays, "said the beautiful girl.

D. Kazėnaitės jewelry enjoys people who do not want to spend thousands of jewelry. A diamond jewelry price starts at 130 colors. The most expensive collection – "Night of night" magazines. Their price is 389 euros. You can buy jewelry at Indivi.lt or the salon in Vilnius.

The jewelery house is particularly pleased with its collaboration with D. Kaznaite. Generally, he was not only interested in the beauty of the girl, the style of his feelings, but also his character, a life idea. "Decorations are not made of expensive diamonds, but they are very modern, tasty and they are getting a lasting value. This is a great gift for birthday, graduation or St. December, "says jewelery house representative.

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