Let us know Lithuania better – build or buy a house?

Everything is done independently

There were 200 square meters. Mantas, which builds a house of meters, makes sure that the quality of your work is perfect when you build a house for yourself. He said that there could be many weaknesses in the work of his company.

"Sometimes I need to work in building myself: telling leaders that there is a bad problem, telling you to do that faster and cheaper," he explained.

The house is not yet finished, so Mantas has not yet worked out what the money was going to cost, but it is certain that the building itself is a little cheaper because it is not you can count on your work but buying better materials.

The man stressed that the diseases that were damaged at the time of the design, as he had to deal with many papers spent much time and patience.

"The biggest emphasis here was until we finally found it an architect who put all these papers in order. He took a half year," said Mantas, saying that half of the house is now built and that he took less than a year to do that.

The house-building family will have the power itself, first, helping the father to do the job, and later worked with his wife. Mantas told him that he was still very fortunate because he built a house from his own money, and so he did not. She can shear, because she would need a loan and a loan-specific loan.




Linas said he was the first idea; to get to the house from the place to build a house independently. However, with an interest in house prices, he revealed that the price of both cottages and the house was almost the same. He plans to build himself, because retailers have a " They earned their percentages when they were selling a house, and so the family would. going to save that sum.

However, Vilnius residents did not build the house with their own hands, but they were employing a company for that work and did not regret it. 2018 5 February begins and in 2018 20 December they have already begun to stay in new homes, full of equipment. The area of ​​the building is 105 square meters. meters.

According to Linas, during the best design time, construction time could be reduced by 2-3 months. All houses are built, as well as installation, furnishings, home appliances, fences, gates and packs that cost about 1300 euros per square meter.

"We have been the largest collection of time details. In less than a year, we have to become acquaintances who were familiar with why material or other material was better or worse, why one knot should be done in one way and not another. It has been difficult to make a difference between the quality and price stuff. It's hard when you do not have a free weekend every year, your holiday is free, no money, "said the man.

The person first advised to find a good contractor before being built. He does not know how to do this, because there is no disorder.

"Oh, he fell as a grain of blind hens. I heard a lot of stories about how money has been lost by contractors, and money is not returned, and there is a lot of damage. We agree to avoid this by trustworthy builders, "Linas rejoicing.

House in Pilaitė / Picture: Darius Petrulaitis

House in Pilaitė / Picture: Darius Petrulaitis

The houses in Vilnius are much more expensive

DELFI Housing is also interested in the number of new, built and fully equipped houses in Vilnius and Kaunas.

According to portal.com portal data, the average price per square meter of a Vilnius house is about 1200 euros. After reviewing the advertisements for what was sold, it revealed that the prices vary widely, depending on both places and the size of the home.

100-150 square meters there are meters of a house in remote areas of Vilnius for about 100 miles. EUR. 100 square M. Miter can be purchased for 160,000. Euro, but look at the supply near the middle of the center; home or near the richest, greener environment, prices can reach 200-300,000. EUR.

The number of homes sold in Kaunas is smaller, but they are also cheaper. The average cost per square meter is 880 inches. Also, depending on the place, in Kaunas 100-150 square M. Mites of house can be purchased from only 35 miles. to 120 thousand EUR There are also expensive, prestigious facilities in the middle of the town, with prices to & start at 200,000. EUR.

Let us know Lithuania better - build or buy a house?

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Two-thirds build themselves

According to Všā Real Data, the divisions of individual houses in Vilnius are only 7%. markets, but Kaunas residents prefer to have their own home instead of a place. But, as statistics show, two thirds of households and buyers' houses do not; buy, but make themselves.

According to the director of the company Arnold Antanavičius, the reasons why people prefer to build a home may be several.

First of all, purchasing is not always the necessary housing search in the provision. For example, he wants to stay in a body of water or wood, but at the same time there are requirements for the size of the house, the shape and then seeing nothing in the supply that is & # 39; meet the needs. So, he's buying a picture, a & # 39; design and build on his own imagination.

Building on your own can save you money, but people may not realize that the savings are often a & # 39; spending on their own time and that they are tough, and if you have a lack of knowledge, you can try to save money on a variety of issues that it costs even more, "said Antanavicius.

According to the correspondent, Lithuania will also be a priority for independent construction, as they do not have extra money for high quality materials, more expensive solutions, unusual solutions, etc. when they build up themselves. Typically housing will be built to focus on economic or general solutions.

"On the other hand, people who fall in an uncertain situation when they build expensive houses in economic areas, and then need to sell a house or get a loan for finish the construction and it appears that the house price is higher than the current price, so one can not estimate how much a person has on distributing money already, and the bank can not, therefore, give credit, "said Antanavicius to potential problems. He also said that Latin mythology is self-sustaining because he wants to put forward his house as well.

House in Pilaitė / Picture: Darius Petrulaitis

House in Pilaitė / Picture: Darius Petrulaitis

It is not possible for a simple person to build a resolution

Mindaugas Laučys, an expert in preparing the Samatele.lt estimates, said that the answer to build a house is cheaper at least a person's; understand how he builds a house and his knowledge.

"If it's just a common man who has nothing to do with the construction, it's impossible to build himself. Personally, I would not buy a built house because I have a bad problem. It is hard to expect Quality will make when that thing is built by a company that is a reason to save. If it's a builder's museum, his goal will never be high, the aim is to build as low as possible. That is, it emphasizes the quality of materials, the size of materials, or the subcontractors, "said Lauchy.

According to the expert, companies often try to build the project to the highest, and so reduce price. When you make a decision to build a house, a person must be able to; monitoring the quality, as the owner of the house in the future may not be aware that the builder has delivered or introduced quality materials to come, or that the materials are priced appropriate. Therefore, a building supervisor should not be aware of the construction.

Let us know Lithuania better - build or buy a house?

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Few reviews the quality of the house you buy

Mr Lauchy also advised people who had decided to buy a house to look at just like their car. buy – without fear of ensuring quality.

"When a Lithuanian bought a house, it will not do anything. Just look, go around, at the best level and invite a broken friend. And so they will ; look at the quality of the house. But that does not mean anything, sellers know many of their activities how they can sell people. If a house is Here, we offer two options. If already installed, ask for rent for two weeks a month. And just waiting in that house, someone would & # 39; feeling, at least, bills, a feeling cold or basic things.

There is another technique option. Invite a company that conducts a heating and heat inspection. When such a company comes, it is a branch that's a "#; showing the weaknesses in the house. That would be a case if the purchaser would attend, often, he would just change his mind and he does not buy it any more, "said Mr Lauchi.

Accordingly, such a test is quite cheap, but a person will find lots of information about the house. However, the expert noticed that buyers have never been able to use these opportunities, at least, before they were bought. And after buying a house, it may be too late as the builder may cost a lot more.

House building

House building

Mastermarship is a price-maker

According to M. Lautis, Vilnius's construction costs are almost 30%. more expensive than in the rest of Lithuania. The price difference is due to the lack of craftsmen who have orders for the year ahead, so there is more pay for more expensive jobs.

"You'll find that construction costs are semi-movable and upgraded. All other Littens, I say, have been hungry, and there is an order, the same expert has been under the Vilnius area.

He says that even a magistrate is even cheaper from another town to pay for accommodation and to provide transport than to hire a Vilnius liberator at a high price.

M. Laučys also suggested whether a person wants a paid company for a job or master of their individual performance performance.

In the opinion, if a person decides that he should be a campaign, it must be examined: whether there is any debt, how many years he is already working, what changes in the -obrach. The expert will give you advice to & # 39; Choosing a stable company that has been working for at least a few years and, where possible, ask the client to show their work. It is also possible to talk to people who are living in a house that was built with her; that company.

However, with individual masters a situation is harder, because sometimes sometimes praise people can disappoint. In addition, they are natural people, so if there was nothing, it would be hard to get any warranty. So, a person must look at the person, his work, and decide whether he or she is trusted or not.

The expert made sure he left a company when he built the house, but he knew his manager and knew that the job would be good.

"My advice is, however, a salary and research company as big as possible. If possible, find out where you can find the resources for yourself. In this way, you will reduce the costs," Mr Lauchy advised.



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You can hire a building manager

Igor Shchemeliov, who is a representative of Incora, who proposes construction management services, is the three most common ways of building a house. This is the farm method that has already been discussed, when the builder builds up the house's own, and # 39; appointing masters. This is the most suited way for those with knowledge and time, because the builder is very responsible for the building. I. Ščemeliov noted that the budget for the person is not managed, and the final price will be clear only after doing all the work.

Depending on, the best way to hire a company for those with reduced premium and quality acquisition is lower. In this case, the final acquisition amount is compromised. In the course of construction, the freedom to make decisions is allowed by the interested party, who is interested in saving, leading to poor solutions and cheaper materials.

It is also possible to appoint a construction builder who is the guide of the work done to the client.

"The construction manager's services are paid individually, regardless of the estimate of the house, so it is not going to prevent solutions or to & # 39; saving at the cost of quality. The director is responsible for the entire construction process – it confirms all the building, budget and time management processes, to ensure the quality of the work, "explained Ščemeliov.

You have to have building cards

Dalius Gedvilas, president of the Lithuanian Lithuanian Society, said that Lithuania is a priority to Building houses independently as they are considered cheaper to build themselves, and only a small part of them seeks to solve solutions in technical designs or solutions. However, accordingly, people do not value the time it is & # 39; Cost to build and they do not count the value of their mistakes and their & # 39; cost of reform.

"Segregation is still a difficult part of the construction. People are struggling to save money, review staff, agree payment in their pockets and enjoy savings. Make savings, at best, only in the short-term. It succeeds if the masters disappear in the middle of the work, it ends . But, after a few years of pressure, you're no longer responsible for you, and the owner's mouse is losing, "said Gedvilas.

Dalius Gedvilas

Dalius Gedvilas

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Accordingly, Lithuania is often home-built, but there are more houses in the house; capital and Kaunas that are already built. However, there is no statistically static shift.

"Building success and budget is determined by design solutions. If the Building Information Model is created and the Electronic Building Log is used during construction, the builder is comfortable in operating the building . Because all of the information is statistically aware of the content, the hidden works can be easily visible from the PC.

The most common mistake is the start of construction without a project. The expensive cost of reform is the work done during construction, "said the spokesperson.

According to D. Gedvilas, since building technologies and materials are changing rapidly, it becomes harder for ordinary people to understand. Builders often employs people with business qualifications and want some work in the & # 39; construction process.

"Employed staff trust expensive materials and they often happen that the builder needs to look for another specialist and buy the materials again, as the person appointed by the business certificate appears to be not familiar with their construction craft.

In Europe, a Viking is avoids this because all builders have built-up cards. confirm their ability. The Lithuania Buildings Association will also provide such a card in Lithuania. This would protect builders from casualties and eliminate the vacant business in the construction sector. So today we recommend builders to see if the employee has a builder card, confirming that he or he has one known building capacity, "- praised D. Gedvilas.

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