Lithuania has picked up a odd union and left others close to each other

In Vilnius, just three hours after the ballot boxes were closed, the influence in Remigijus Šimašius began. He is still appointed Lord Mayor of a second term. And although he just started counting the votes, Arthur Zuokas said he would only judge the results at the end, he lost a lost account of all the votes.

Another was Vytautas Grubliauskas, the capital of the harbor. Indeed, Liberal colleagues did not help Simon Gentvilas to get rid of him, and so Grubliauskas decided to go to the committee in the elections.

Visvaldas Matijošaitis still remains in the post in Kaunas for the second term, affecting the first visit. She was supported by up to 79 per cent. voters.

Arsh's fighting failed in the second round in more than one town. Bailie Rytis Mykolas Račkauskas and Povilas Urbšys with the Public Committee joined the second round of Panevėžys. On coming to the second round, two radical political enemies – Urbšys and Rasa Juknevičienė, the chairman of the Panevėžys Division of some of the Rural-Democratic Democratic Party-LKD (TS-LKD) – joined together.

R. Račkauskas said that P. Urbšys and the Conservative Union would not be surprised that it was a one-day collaboration of co-operation with a desire to aspire to.

But, after the second round, R. Račkauskas is delighted to win, although he is at the moment losing the mayor.

In the second round of the competition was Ausma Miškinienė, Lithuanian peasants and green presenter (LSSR), in the second round of the chair of the Lazdijai region. He was recently announced by the Prime Minister Saul Skvernel as Chief Executive.

The Gintautas Paluckas, president of the Social Democratic Party (LSDP), which won ten senior powers in the second round of the election, says that the figures have come into existence. “We are delighted with the results. We do have the same number of bars in 2015. I won't hide it, it was a little higher than expected. We worked in a very challenging environment – each committee and other parties wanted to earn. I'm very proud of our structure, our departments, our applicants who stopped this weight, ”said Mr Paluck.

Following the second visit he will appear that a member of the Seimas “Peasant” Bronius Markauskas will be at the head of the Klaipėda area. His long-time leader Social Democrat Vaclovas Dačkauskas lost his career as a warden. He has been a factor since 2003.

Saulius Gegieckas, the Liberal liberal of Pakruojis, who has held the position for 12 years, has lost his election this time. His Mayor's post was won by the Social Democrat Saulius Margis.

However, the long-standing masters also expressed a positive response to the long-term masters: from 2000, the Mayor of Druskininkai Ričardas Malinauskas and mayor Rietavas Antanas Černeckis allowed their positions to be mayor.

In Ignalina, “peasants” suffered a very hard blow. DELFI was also visited by Ramūnas Karbauskis. He confirmed that Ignalina was overcome with a general election campaign. According to the book, it was a lie that the "peasants" would close all the hospitals.

"It will be a message to everyone that there was a campaign across Lithuania for the closure of hospitals, but that was a lie that was spread throughout the election year. No one could expect to close the hospital, it was very important, for example, we won in Visaginas – and Rope could be said to be the mayor, and he is very good. When people are told that there will be no more hospitals – a big lie, said Karbauskis.

Šimašius remains in Vilnius for one other term

In the second round, Vilnius residents chose from R. Šimašius and A. Zuoko. As soon as he began to count his voices, R. Šimašius proceeded and strengthened only the gap, although the results were constantly asking for results to change.

When Art Zuokas, who carried his shoulder out to Simax, was visiting a DELFI studio, he was sure he made the first hair. “Often people touch each other on their shoulders, this is a normal welcome for men. "I have promised on Remigijus, he blessed me," said Zuokas.

Lithuania has picked up a odd union and left others close to each other

© DELFI / Domantas Pipas

"My conversation was not sharp, I tried to keep the conversation on clear things, to avoid only words and blank documents. I really hope I am grateful." "Where we are against, we will try to protect the views," said Zuokas.

“I had hoped for this kind of support, I would like to thank everyone, who has supported me, who believe in a free and creative city, I have hoped, but I didn't t But I saw in Vilnius the same thing that I had published. I am proud of this, ”said R. Shimašius, Mayor, who had been elected to the senior governor for another term.

He also respected the main opponent. "You know, the opponent was strong, I had to learn a lot and myself, but not the competitiveness of the competitors. Whatever the delay, people vote for what will happen. I don't believe people voted against something, people voted for the future and it is very important to believe the promises, ”said R. Schimašius, who is already victorious.

In Klaipeda, the role of bailiff was maintained by Grubliauskas

In the second round, Vytautas Grubliauskas, who was gathered by the producer of "peasants", retained his post and is still in the bailiff's chair for another term.

V. Grubliauskas came to a committee by a committee, formed after the Liberal movement as the representative of women of the city who chose Simon, son of Eugene Gentvil.

Vytautas Grubliauskas

Vytautas Grubliauskas

© DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

A team V. Grubliauskas trusted the larger members of the towns and chose the council. This should be considered by the Council of Kulipane: a Public Committee of the Parliament "Vytautas Grubliauskas and Team" – 8 Directors, LSSR – 7 Mandates, TS-LKD – 6, Liberal Movement of the Republic of Lithuania – 4, Center Center Party – 3, Committee Titov and Justice Public Elections "- 2

"I wish I should say that they (who say – BNS) have received a special warrant of stability without breaking the promises I think the people may separate from the truth," she said. said V. Grulluskas to BNS on Sunday afternoon.

The Matijosaitis succeeded in Kaunas for the first time

The people of Kaunas were chosen by the leaders in the first round and Visvaldas Matijošaitis became a competition. This is his second term in Kaunas City Mayor.

The Kaunas expressed confidence not only in the chief executive, giving him the opportunity to continue his work, but also with his team. Of the Council's 40 people, namely 32 – from a public body “V. Matijošaitis” “Unified Kaunas”, only 8 commands were issued to the same team and not the concerts. Other parties and committees have failed to come to the council.

Visvaldas Matijošaitis

Visvaldas Matijošaitis

© DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

Three Matijosai – Visvaldas himself and two of his sons came to the council. The distinguished trainee and public and Kaunas, the politician of 83-year Jūratė Elena Norvaišienė will continue to work in the Council, and Jonas Audėjaitis, Dean of Kaunas Department, will be working in the Vilnius Academy of Art, working for the second term. in a series. The Council has more members who have already worked there.

According to the list of Home Guardians from the Union – Christian Lithuanian (TS-LKD), Jurgita Šiugždinienė, Edita Gudišauskienė, Vitas Lendraitis, Rytas Kupčinskas, Paulius Lukševičius, Petras Bingelis, Jonas Koryzna and Vygantas Gudės should join the European Commission. Council.

J. Šiugždinienė also fed into the bars of Kaunas city, but remained second. The fact is that there is a big difference: V. Matijošaitis – 79.59 per cent of the votes of the electorate, J. Šiugždinienė – 12.68.

Panevėžys believed as Mayor of Račkauskas

Mayor Panevėžys Rytis Mykolas Račkauskas won extra job for Mayor-General. Most support for voters was in the first round.

Rytis Mykolas Račkauskas

Rytis Mykolas Račkauskas

© DELFI / Karolina Pansevic

And although the people of Panevėžys had put their faith in the current boom, Mr Rackauskas, he is currently losing his responsibilities – a corruption investigation has started.

In the Council elections, the citizens gave the RM Račkauskas team the most orders – the public election committee "Renewable Panevėžys" – 8, together with the P. Urbšis Deputy Dramatist Committee "Create Cooperstown Together" 4. Other orders were laid out as follows: Union Homeland – Lithuanian Christians The Democratic-Five, Liberal Democrats and the Green Union – 3, Democratic Social Democratic Party (LSDP) – 2, the Liberal Democrat Party (LLP) – t 2, Liberal Movement of the Republic of Lithuania (LRLS) – 2.

The city of Šiauliai was once again trusted in Visock

Šiauliai has selected the burgh in the first round. For the second time in a row, he became Arthur Visock. It is the biggest team that will take the board.

Visocko Committee “Workockas Visockras List” “We Work for the Town” 15, LSSR – 3, TS-LKD – 3, Public Value Committee, “Valerija Simulik Moving for Šiauliai” – 3, Social Democratic Party of Lithuania – 2, Party Labor – 2, Liberal Party of the Republic of Lithuania – 2.

Arthur Visock

Arthur Visock

© DELFI / Domantas Pipas

In Šiauliai City Council we see Aurimas Žvinis too, head of the Šiauliai State Theater Theater. A. Žvinys, who played Pius in the TV series "Naisių vasara", joined the post of Šiauliai with an LVS flag, but received just over 7 per cent of the t voting.

Mitrofanov is still a factor in the Akmenė area

District Mayor Akmene Vitaly Mitrofanov was chosen as the first time of the first expedition. He had led the surviving Saul Bucevičius (LRLS).

Mr Mitrofanov, who has retained the chair for the next term, has been in post since 2008. This is his fourth term in the office of Mayor.

Alytus chose a social township

Alytus was chosen as Mayor of Nerijus Cesiulis.

Cesiulis was the first person to apply for Chair. He has worked for Alytus Town Council for twelve years.

In May 2017, Cesiulis was awarded to “the reputation of the City for evil”. Alytus Division of Journalist Literature Union (LUJ) decided that these feathers had a value a year and a half ago by Cesiulis as in 2016 before the summer, Alytus was famed as a barred city from sunshine.

True, the Cesiul campaign was not so opposed, that was the case – it was so different in the city's rules of cleanliness and cleanliness, despite the fact that people are not allowed to fly at night. Taking account of the criticisms made by the council member, this uncertainty was corrected, but Alytus was heard from throughout Lithuania as a city where the city is forbidden to adopt it.

Vrubliauskas held the post of Mayor of Alytus

In the second round, the current mayor, TS-LKD Algirdas Vrubliauskas, retained the position of Mayor of Alytus.

Vrubliauskas has been working in Alytus District Council since 1997 and has been a long-standing feature in the area since 1997, with a three year break when he was a member of the Seimas in 2004-2007.

At the end of last year, officers from the Financial Crime Scrutiny Service (FTT) also went into the Alytus area. According to the president of the Alytus area, representatives of the FTT at the time explained to the town that they were looking at the complaint received at the service. “When they arrived, the officers explained that they had got a public procurement complaint and they asked them for some documents. At the moment, the administrative staff of the town make the documents designated to the officers, ”said A. Vrubliauskas, Chief Executive of the Alytus Village, on the day of the visit to DELFI FNTT.

The FTT subsequently argued that the research had not started. The information gathered relating to the public service provision made by the Municipality of Alytus Administration was reviewed in 2017-2018.

The Deputy Convener won the Anykščiai

Choose Anykštėnai Sigut Obelevičius (TS-LKD) as his warden. Mr Obelevicius has been kingship. In the second round the Mayor K. Tubys was a opponent of S. Obelevičius.

Obelevičius has been a member of the Conservative Party since 1996.

Obelevičius and Tubis took part in a second round of elections in 2015.

Dirginčienė remaining in Bir Birtontonas

Birštonas is already selected – the candidate remains for LSDP Nijolė Dirginčienė in the sea.

N. Dirginčienė has been working in the town of Birštonas for almost 15 years. He then became director of administration and beyond. In 2010, she was accused of a broken, dismissed, but was subsequently convicted.

"Peasants" in the area of ​​Biržai won

Vytas Jareckas, Chief Mayor of Biržai, became the first factor in the Biržai area.

To date, Mayor Valdemaras Valkiūnas has been Mayor.

Malinauskas is still a factor in Druskininkai

Ričardas Malinauskas later in Major Druskininkai, collecting more than 70 per cent. the vote of voting. The election committee also makes up the majority of the town council – 17 out of 24.

Mayor R. Malinauskas has been in post since 2000.

Ričardas Malinauskas

Ričardas Malinauskas

© DELFI / Karolina Pansevic

Less than two weeks before the first round of the election, R. Malinauskas suspected of judgment. Risks relating to trading trade and bribery, enforcement of law, suspicion of bribes in the case of Vijūnėlė Manor as it is called.

Research carried out in his house during the inspection. Also his home counselor.

Mayor R. Malinauskas calls the charges unexplained.

In Elektrátát, the position of chief executive was maintained by Vaitukaitis

LRLS Kęstutis Vaitukaitis was awarded the rank of Major Elektrenai in the second round, replacing Silvas Lengvinienė by the Public Election Committee "Patriot Movement for the Elektrátnai Department".

K. Vaitukaitis is the current mayor of Elektrėnai. He also defeated his opponent in the first round with a strong result, 38.47 against 21.21 per cent, but there were not many votes to be re-elected in the first round.

The two candidates competed in a fall for the year with the flag of the Liberal movement, but K. Vaitukaitis was elected as a candidate at the party elections, and so S. Lengvinienė went to the committee with the vote. election.

In the Ignalina area, the factor couldn't save the occupations

The current Mayor, Henrikas Šiaudinis (LSSR) and LSDP Justas Rasikas were competing for the second round of Ignalina Mayor. The second identifies the effects and changes the factor.

I. Rasikas – Sales specialist at Ignalina Nuclear Power Center.

I. Rasikas has shown that one of the two subscribers to the JAB JSC “Energetics” is engaged in animation, one of the tasks of which is a launch of rays.

In the area of ​​Joniškis, Galician won the victory

Joniškis chose his man as soon as possible – after the results of his first visit a LRLS candidate, Vitaly Gailius, was appointed the first elected minister.

In 2016, Gailius was selected for the Semester for a four-year term, has come from the Liberal movement movement.

Guthius worked in 2007-2 on the Financial Crime Audit Service, Her Majesty's Crime Office, and Chief Police Commissioner at Panevėžys.

In the Jurbarkas area, the headmaster retained his post

Jurbarkiečiai is in the factor's chair to see Skirmasa Mockevičius again – the factor is chosen for another term, although the last person is long behind the competition.

Four years ago, Mockevicius was the only person to have won a direct vote by taking his own hand. After these elections, he resumes the same job as his own bailiff.

The Conservatives will mark impact in the Kaišiadorys area

Bailie Kaišiadorie Vytenis Tomkas was selected by the factor and was also the head of the first visit, giving as much as twenty per cent. He also earned a good lead in a second round.

In his last term, Tomkus was a member of Kaišiadorys District Council.

In May, the mayor took up his post in Calvary

Vincas Plikaitis, a member of the Justice Order and Party, lives in Calvary.

V. Plikaitis, a graduate of the Corporate Academy, worked as a teacher in physical education but has been working in the town since 2000 with a suspension: 2000-2003 as assistant manager, 2007-2008 senior manager, 2008-2009, 2007-2011 – a member of the council, and during the last term to re-elect a mayor.

Earlier, he was a member of the European Parliament, Juozas Imbras, and since 2014 has been a member of the European Parliament. – Assistant to MEP Roland Paks.

In the second round V. Plikaitis competed with a member of TS-LKD V. Aleknavičius. In 2016, during the two candidates' meeting, a dispute arose when police officers were called to the town. According to the liatry .lt, V. Aleknavičius asked the factor V. Plikaičius, this did not answer again, and then he repeated the question several times. This caused confrontation caused by the chief officers of police officers, but no incidents were recorded.

In the Kaunas area, the factor remains a Makūnas

Kaunas District residents have already chosen Valerijus Tender Makūnas, fourth elected LSDP candidate.

District Mayor of Kaunas V has been operating since 2007.

An old member of the council will be celebrating the impact in Kazlų Rūda

In Kazlų Rūda Mantas Varaška will be highlighting the impact of the public committee. During the first round, M. Varaška collected a third of the votes of the electorate in the second round – 57%.

Mr Varaška has served two terms as a member of the Kazlų Rūda Council, and again as a Member of the Seamus in 2008-2012, he has now declared that he is a director of one of the JAB JSC.

Until 2017, he was a member of LSDP and retired as a party division.

In the Kelmė area, the factor is still in office

A member of LSDP and the current chairman of Vaclovas Andrulis highlight an impact in the Kelmė area.

Andrulis, who was still in post for one term, received 35.07 per cent in the first phase. votes. V. Andrulis worked in the Council from 1991 to 1995, and resumed again after a prolonged spell and has worked in Kelme Municipality since 2012.

In Kėdainiai District, the elder is recognizing the impact

The post of Lord Mayor Kedainiai went over to Valentinas Tamulis the oldest.

V. Tamulis, who took part in the committee election, collected 42.89 in the first round. and in the second round they fought in the same level – 51 per cent got the chance.

Agronomist V. Tamil – District Municipality Administration Departments.

Markauskas was promoted as Mayor of Klaipėda District

Bronius Markauskas, a member of LSU, became the District Mayor of Klaipėda, where he collected 58 per cent of the total. voters' votes.

In 2005, Markauskas was responsible for organizing a farmers' enterprise campaign. Since 2000 he has been a member of Klaipėda Parish Council, since 2016 – a member of Seimas.

Bronius Markauskas

Bronius Markauskas

© DELFI / Kiril Chachovskij

Mr Markauskas held the post of Minister of Agriculture, but retired as a scandal regarding use of alien land. Markauskas said that his mother was the mother. Thereafter the authorities did not find irregularities.

The entrepreneur won in the Kretinga area

In Kretinga, a vacancy was made with the government of the "Kretinga District" committee with Lord Antni Kalni.

A. Kalnius, who has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2011, currently works as a “self-owned” DAA. Director of Mountain Bread.

In the area of ​​Kupiškis, the mayor held the post

Fewer than one per cent of the Bardauskas Danish candidate was in TS-LKD and he would be chief governor in the first round, but voters wanted it to be in the second round – D. Bardauskas defining the bench. the effect.

D. Bardauskas is mayor of the Kupiškis area which is still in office for another term.

In the Lazdijai region, the seaman of the Svalbard came to be sea

In the second round of the district Lazdijai became the second winner, and was won by LSU Ausma Miškinienė.

A. S. Miškinienė, who is facing office for President, was recently presented by S. Skvernel as a member of his staff. He did not name his duties, three women gave S. Skvernelis as trustees.

A. Miškinienė is currently Deputy Agriculture Minister.

Ausma Miškinienė

Ausma Miškinienė

© DELFI / Domantas Pipas

Mayor of Marijampolė was made a factor

Povilas Isoda, a member of the LSDP, is enjoying the victory in Marijampolė in the second round.

The current assistant manager is Isoda 31-year. In the first visit, he made 42.81 per cent. in the second, 61%.

Order of Justice and the Justice of Victory in the Mažeikiai Area

Following the second round, a member of the Order and Justice, Vidmantas Macevičius, marks his impact at 70 per cent. the vote of voting.

In 2000-2003, Mr Macevicius was appointed Lord Mayor of Mazeikiai, and is now Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Energy.

Tenys Antanas, Mazeikiai's mayor, was also in the first run of the next season, Social Democrat remains the third and they did not go into the second round.

The Conservatives will see an impact in the Mol Moltai region

Saulius Jauneika, a member of TS-LKD, is celebrating the impact in the Molėtai area with 57%. the vote of voting.

S. Jauneika – Director of Administration Regulation Molėtai.

In Neringa, the factor carried on his post

Darius Jasaitis, a member of LSDP, held the post of Neringa Lord Mayor for more than sixty percent.

D. Jasaitis has been working for Neringa Town Council since 2007.

Bendaravičius struck in Pagėgiai

Vaidas Bendaravičius, a member of the Party and Justice Order, became Lord Mayor of Pagegiai.

V. Bendaravičius has been working with Pagėgiai Municipal Council and Administration since 2007.

Two brothers Komskiai – Kęstas and Virginijus also asked for the factor's post, but the two were left behind – K. Komskis was the third and his brother was fourth.

In the Pakruojis area, the elders take account of the impact

In the first tour of the Pakruojis area, Saulius Margis, a member of the LSDP, had only 0.65 per cent, to avoid the second round. In the second round, it certainly won the victory of voters by collecting 75%. votes.

S. Margis has so far been an elder of Pakruojis, and in his second half faced the commander S. Gegieckas.

In the city of Palanga, the mayor retained his office

The voters decided in the first round that Šarūnas Vaitkus, a member of TS-LKD, did not hold the position of Mayor.

In the area of ​​Panevėžys and below, birds retained the post of bailiff

In the Panevėžys area, only a small number of candidates for the LSSR candidate had been elected immediately. Povilas collected about 48.71 per cent in the first round. voters' votes. He repeated his success in the second round and marked the impact by holding a post for another term.

There was currently a long-term member of Panevėžys Parish Council and illidhundavai chairman who was second to none in his second round.

In May, the Pasvalys Ranger is still a Geguinsk

Gintautas Gegužinskas (TS-LKD) held the position of Mayor in the first round, collecting straight over the threshold.

In the Plunge region Klišonis still lives in the factor

Audrius Klišonis (LRLS) identifies impact in the Plungde area.

A member of the Liberal movement has retained his career by gathering 51%. voters' votes.

S. Klišonis – Deputy Minister for Health.

In Prienai district, Vaicekauskas is still a factor

Alvydas Vaicekauskas, the advocate for LSDP, is celebrating his victory and has saved his career.

A. Vaicekauskas took command in the first round with 32.27 per cent. in the second the vote was 60%.

There is no change in the area Radviliskis – the long-term factor won

Antarctica's successor, Antrim Čepononis, who was in charge of the factor's office in the Radviliškis area, received 46.25 per cent in the first round. • to vote for voters and to vote after second round.

The current mayor, Mr Ceponinis, took over this post in 1990, and subsequently, after breach, reverted to this post, and is reappointed to this post. Now he is back.

His wife also works in the town, the Civil Registration Department.

The Conservatives will mark an impact in the Raseiniai region

In the Raseiniai region, the poet's seat went to Andrey Bautron, a member of TS-LKD.

In the first visit, A. Bautronis collected 20.04, E. Jonyla – 18.38.

Bautronis, 32, a rabbit director and council member, is now a member of the Conservatives, although he was a former member of the Justice Order and Party.

Mayor of the Rietavas area had not been posted since 2000

During the first round, the voters decided to leave the Antanas Cherneckis's Rietavas Mayor city.

A. Cherneckis has been prominent in Rietavas since 2000 without bankruptcy.

The factor became a factor in the Rokiškis area

Ramūnas Godeliauskas identifies impact in the area of ​​Rokiškis, although he won in the first vote because of voters' votes.

Solicitor R. Godeliauskas was elected to the election committee by election.

Mr Godeliauskas had been a previous lawyer in the Rokiškis District Municipality, but after 2014 STT stood down from his current post. As he was writing at the time, Gimtasis Rokiškis, having researched R.Godeliauskas' house, made several WTs to the local police association. Weapons were bought legally, but the possession rules were broken. Weapons – Hunting.

The factor is still in the Skuodas area

Ball TS-LKD Petras Pušinskas, who has held a mayoral office in the Skuodas area.

A TS-LKD member in the first round received 34.30 per cent. In the second round, the Lord Mayor collected 52 per cent of voters' votes. votes.

In the Šakiai area, the chief executive retained the post

Lean Àrd-bhàillidh Sgìre Šakiai air a bhith na Edgar Pilypaitis (TS-LKD).

Tha E. Pilypatis air a bhith ag obair ann an Comhairle Sgìreil Šakiai bho 2003 agus tha e air a bhith na Chomhairliche Màladair airson ùine, agus tha e air dreuchd Méara a chumail anns na taghaidhean làithreach.

Ann am Baile Mòr Šalčininkai bha am maor fhathast Palevičius

Chaidh dreuchd Àrd-bhàillidh Šalčininkai a ghleidheadh ​​anns a ’chiad chuairt le Zdislav Palevičius (LLRA).

Tha maor Šiauliai fhathast anns an sgìre Šiauliai

Chaidh Antanas Bezaras, tagraiche airson an LSSR, a thaghadh mar Àrd-bhàillidh sa chiad chuairt.

Tha e na bhall fad-ùine de Chomhairle Sgìre Šiauliai, a tha air a bhith na dhreuchd anns an teirm mu dheireadh san dreuchd mu dheireadh.

Anns an sgìre Šilalė, thàinig am maor gu neach-lagha

Bha Algirdas Meiženis, tagraiche airson pàrtaidh Òrduigh agus Ceartais, agus an àrd-bhàillidh làthaireach Jonas Gudauskas a ’sabaid ann an sgìre Šilalė. Agus ged a bha luchd-bhòtaidh mòran nas motha taiceil anns a ’chiad chuairt, an dèidh an dàrna cuairt, chomharraich A. Meien a bhuaidh.

Tha Meiženis na neach-lagha fa leth a cheumnaich bho Acadamaidh Poileis Liotuainis. Cuideachd neach-gleidhidh a bhuineas do Chomann Luchd-gleidhidh Silale.

Anns an sgìre Širvintos tha am muir fhathast Pinskuvienė

Chaidh a ’mhuir sgìre Širvintos ath-thaghadh Živilė Pinskuvienė, agus fhuair a comataidh na h-uallaichean as motha anns a’ chomhairle bhaile. Ž. Chaidh Pinskuvienė a thaghadh mar Mhorair às dèidh barrachd air 70% a chruinneachadh. bhòtaichean luchd-bhòtaidh.

Živilė Pinskuvienė

Živilė Pinskuvienė

© DELFI / Orestas Gurevičius

Anns an sgìre Šilutė, chùm an mayor an dreuchd

Tha Vytautas Laurinaitis, ball den phàrtaidh "Order and Justice" a ’comharrachadh buaidh ann an Šilutė. Chruinnich e cuideachd a ’mhòr-chuid de luchd-bhòtaidh tron ​​chiad chuairt.

Còmhla ri pàrtaidh òrdughan is pàrtaidh ceartais (PTT), rinn an àrd-bhàillidh buaidh ann an 2015 agus tha e fhathast na mhorair.

Anns an roinn Švenčionys, tha am maor fhathast na Chlàran

Dh'fhuirich Rimantas Klipčius (LLS) mar mhéarair sgìre Švenčionys.

Ann an sgìre Tauragė, ghabh an Libearalach a ’bhuaidh

Ann an sgìre Tauragė, DRL tha Dàibhidh Kaminskas, ball den LRLS, a ’comharrachadh a bhuannachadh às deidh strì cho-ionann. Chaidh e seachad air an neach-dùbhlain Sòisealta Deamocratach Darius Petrošius ann an dìreach beagan sa cheud.

Tha D. Kaminskas a ’dèanamh obair mar Àrd-bhàillidh den Sgìre.

Bidh na Deamocrataich Sòisealta a ’comharrachadh buaidh ann an sgìre Telšiai

Chaidh Kęstutis Gusarovas, fear-sòisealta sòisealta Kęstutis Gusarovas, a thug a neach-dùbhlain air tìr, ball den Phàrtaidh Làbarach, a mharbhadh anns an dàrna cuairt.

Innleadair-innealaiche K. Gusarov – ball de bhòrd, stiùiriche teicnigeach na companaidh togail.

Anns an sgìre Trakai, tha Rudelienė fhathast anns a ’mhuir

Tha neach-tagraidh LRLS, Edita Rudeliene, fhathast na dhreuchd anns a ’bhàillidh, a’ faighinn còrr air trì fichead sa cheud de bhuaidh luchd-bhòtaidh.

Bha E. Rudelienė an stiùiriche sa chiad chuairt le 41.47 sa cheud. bhòtaichean.

Is e E. Rudeliene Àrd-Bhàillidh Trakai. Bho 2003 gu 2011, bha e ag obair mar cho-òrdanaiche air cùisean òigridh aig Rianachd Sgìreachd Trakai agus na dhèidh sin dh'obraich e mar Cho-òrdanaiche Ro-innleachd airson Buidheann Gnìomh Ionadail Trakai Region.

Am Pàrtaidh Làbarach a ’comharrachadh buaidh ann an sgìre Ukmergė

Bidh am Pàrtaidh Làbarach, còmhla ri Rolandas Janickas, a ’comharrachadh a’ bhuaidh ann an sgìre Ukmergė.

R. Janiskas išsaugojo mero postą nurungęs savo konkurentę, konservatorę Agnę Balčiūnienę, ir surinkęs 58 proc. rinkėjų balsų.

Utenos rajone meras išliko poste

Utenos rajone pergalę švenčia LSDP narys ir dabartinis meras Alvydas Katinas, kurį pirmajame ture palaikė 42,08 proc. rinkėjų, o antrajame – 54 proc.

A. Katinas tarybos narys jau nuo 1997-ųjų.

Varėnos rajone meru lieka Kašėta

Varėnos rajone pergalę švenčia su visuomeniniu komitetu į rinkimus atėjęs dabartinis meras Algis Kašėta. Jį pirmojo turo metu palaikė 46,63 proc. rinkėjų, antrajame – 64.

Su juo rungėsi Lietuvos centro partijos narys Vidas Mikalauskas. Jį pirmajame ture palaikė 15,75 proc. rinkėjų.

Miškininko šeimoje gimęs A. Kašėta deklaracijoje nėra nurodęs net savo darbovietės, nors 2015 m. buvo išrinktas Varėnos rajono savivaldybės meru, o politinėje veikloje dalyvauja nuo 1988-ųjų.

Vilkaviškio rajone meru lieka Neiberka

Algirdas Neiberka iš LSDP vos netapo meru jau pirmojo turo metu, surinkęs 48,52 proc. rinkėjų balsų, tačiau rinkėjai išliko lojalūs ir mero postą jam dar vienai kadencijai patikėjo antrojo turo metu.

Jo oponentu antrajame ture tapo 30,31 proc. surinkęs Žilvinas Gelgota su visuomeniniu komitetu.

Nuo 2001-ųjų tarybos narys, o nuo 2013-ųjų meras A. Neiberka ir šiuo metu eina Vilkaviškio mero pareigas.

Vilniaus rajone mere lieka Rekst

Vilniaus rajone mero kėdėje lieka Marija Rekst, kuri buvo išrinkta jau pirmojo turo metu.

M. Rekst Vilniaus rajono mero kėdės neužleidžia jau nuo 2004-ųjų, o taryboje dirba nuo 2002-ųjų.

Visagine pergalė atiteko „valstiečiui“

Erlandas Galaguzas su LVŽS vėliava ir pirmajame ture surinktais 27,52 proc. rinkėjų balsų pateko į antrąjį rinkimų turą ir švenčia pergalę.

E. Galaguzas – UAB „Visagino būstas“ direktorius.

Zarasų rajone pergalę švenčia socialdemokratas

Zarasų rajone rungėsi LSDP kandidatas Nikolajus Gusevas, pirmajame ture surinkęs 22,85 proc. balsų ir LRLS narys Kęstutis Stankevičius.

Po antrojo turo pergalę švenčia N. Gusevas.

N. Gusevas – ilgametis tarybos narys, ėjęs ir mero, ir vicemero pareigas.

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