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Lungary in Lithuania: Sickness rises in days other than days

The measles degree is getting worse – the number of patients rises every hour. Most of the people who have the disease – nearly one-and-a-half – are in Kaunas, but there is also a violation of measles in Vilnius. Consideration is being given to compulsory medical and educational workers' vaccination. The ban on children without insurance is also getting a place in kindergarten.

“Last year, 30 people in Lithuania were suffering from measles, and now – because the event is starting – they get a day every day. On Monday, the number of patients was set up in 159, Tuesday – 187 of the disease.

“In Lithuania, the number of vaccines contains less than 95% of measles, which allows exposure to measles to be spread. They fell steadily by half a year per annum, by percentage and by 2018. Lithuania has the number of clones – both in 2 and 7-year-olds – up to 92 per cent. This is just the chance to spread the measles, ”said Daiva Razmuviene, the head of the Center for Communication and AIDS Conditions (ULAC).

“The disease then gets back when it has no vaccine. Lack of disease and being said to be 'who gets the vaccine if there is no disease?' “If we don't smoke any more, the immunity from the disease will go out and their ability to spread again. The measles event is an excellent example of how we forgot to have a vaccine, ”said Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga.

The largest blow of measles in Kaunas. There were 135 people on the tenancy. In Vilnius, measles was affected by 35 people. But the doctors want residents to prepare the capital – the worst for the grid in Vilnius is just waiting. Measles are spread rapidly because of airborne infection with up to 20 people.

“It is very important to remember that a person who is suffering from measles includes a infection about two days before the first symptoms of the disease. Meaning, one or two days that a person is still healthy or not well at health, but their tenancy is very high, ”said the children's doctor Vytautas Usonis.

“The main problems that children have to catch up with are measles. And it might be like many of those here, inflammation of the lungs, but it is the fact that we did not look into the treatment against the distinction. And if pneumonia is called, it's called out of control. We can even lose the patient even today, as you can see, over 30 deaths were registered in Europe this year, ”said Inga Ivaškevičienė, Head of Occupational Health Division at the Children's Hospital.

With rapid spring release, the capital's Seminar and Corporation have now made proposals to close public nursery schools to cashless children.

“This has a long-term measure, as I have already said, as a criterion for moving into a school into a center of public education. In response, apparently, it would be a great incentive for parents to look after their child, in order to give their vaccine, ”said Paulė Kuzmickiene, a member of the team. T Vilnius Town Council.

“I very much agree with the view that parents who aren't careful about giving birth to parents are not taking risks. Conversely, those children who are vaccinated are not infected with the disease, but if a number of children are not immunized, one person is ill and affects others. It will be the center of the disease. This is so relaxed and I don't reject that idea, ”said Asta Kubiliene, chair of the Health Affairs Committee.

It was judged that 49 children and 138 adults were born this year. The youngest person to be identified by the 'midge' is a child who has not yet been vaccinated for just 7 months because of young age – the oldest patient at the age of 70.

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