Marius Repšys speaks openly about a severe one: one day I got the last roof

"Everything started for 20 years ago. Then it was told me as a perfectionist. I was really active in sport, I was very active, I was really active. And he was already the cause of his & # 39; disease, "Marius said to the start of the bipolar disorder.

As Psychiatrist, scientist Jan Hilbig says, usually in young people who are bipolar disorder – about 18-20 years old. Illness signs: mood and energy change, high states change with bad programs when it is felt that they are tired or unhappy. The disease will gradually grow. At that time, there are many changes in the life of a young person, humanity, movement from youth, and so many things are written directly on those factors, which makes it difficult to be aware the disease has started. In most situations, a virus problem is not justified when there are very clear signs.

"When there is a high status, everything looks good, mountains can be extinct, you are full of energy, but already when the black period ends, there is no You want to do anything in a whole, you do not want to live. One day I got the last one. It's bad for me, my friends, my friends, and then I turned to doctors and found me bipolar disorder, "explains the actor openly.

"As a rule, the state will last longer than the high time. Smaller times will be higher if the disease is not treated. When you grow up, the time consuming can even change twice a month .This promotes the person very much, "the psychotherapist is experiencing; explains some of the things that the disease is.

Both Marius and the doctor emphasize that the disease is treated well with medication. And, unfortunately, it is not handled, this can be very sad, published in a press release.

"The disease is very courageous. One of my students suffered from a bad bipolar order … He killed himself after a tough time," M. Repšys remembers sadly.

After he had been living with his own illness, when he saw his / her impact; On others, Marius now speaks badly and openly. It stresses that it is not difficult to talk about mental illness, the same is the same as the other. The actor moved to his book "Dancing with the Darkness" the experiences. He believes people who read more help do not need more.

"I want to cure it. I am against self-control because he did not help anything. Essential professional support" – says Marius and inviting you to be careful for your womb – maybe they need help you.

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