Max Verstappen is not guilty of the Occo – style

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Max Verstapin says he's not guilty as a result of the re-answer after the GP race in Brazil when Esteban O Connor closed.

We will remind us that Mr Verstappen was in the race and had no grievance to kill him in Brazil, but when Ocone attempted to disaster, an accident and an accident, # 39; the Dutch would have to take the second place.

After the race, Max arrested Esteban for two days to get public work, but at a news conference he was asked to do something else, and said, "No, no.


I remember the events like this: I have just given Lewis and I've been a leader in the race. Every season he has been around the house economy. So when I came to be a racing leader, I stopped to push and go. save a fire quietly, "said Verstappen.

"There was someone at that time out of parks with new tires. In total, this season, if I know well, Force India was slower than in a half and a half.

Around two wheels of new ground will give you an edge, and usually the front of the building does not; go beyond the boundaries of the options. After that, when you become a leader in races, there is no rush. You may want to get rid of that lost circle, but, as I have said, it's a new fire advantage to & # 39; Give you two wheels only, and then you need to spread again. If you want to bend anywhere on the route, then just destroy your tension faster. I think it's always better to & # 39; managing director and not worrying, just follow. In fact, that's not. "

The Netherlands says he went to the screen expecting an excuse.

"I just wanted to apologize, but I received a slightly different response.

After the race we are full of sense, I've just lost my impact. So I thought I was very calm. Everything could end up considerably worse.

The enclosures are present in each sport. A few days ago I had a tourist trip, and so I thought I was going to; doing very calmly. What do you expect from me to hit my hand and? thank you for leaving to & # 39; instead of the second one?

Well, I got my two working days from the FIA. However, I want to remember that you do not hear what it means with records, you will not see the whole picture. You only saw how I was surrounded, but if you were listening to & # 39; All conversation, you would have a different idea. "


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