Mobile World Transport: 5 items splitting with 5G wave and 5G phones

Today, it is the last day of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) telecommunications show. And it's already obvious, after the last year's show, which was the most shingy in terms of clear strategies, this year they lacked. Starting with the 5G wide wave, which incorporates many of the brands this year into the real designs designed for its & this connection and ending in a completely new move for folded phones. But totally focusing on 5G and wedding phone guns, it's easy to miss other interesting MWC news. That's why Eligijus Rakickas, the expert on smart solutions at Bitė Lietuva, has visited MWC to find out what the biggest mobile technology show is in the world to be offered this year.

Mobile World Transport: 5 items splitting with 5G wave and 5G phones

"It's natural that their focus is on these devices or motions that focus on most of the air. This year, they are undoubtedly being a 5G distribution and telling machines on converted to this technology and wedding phones, which is spoken by almost all of the smartphones. On the other hand, this year, MWC has also given a lot more news that is easy to lose. For example, Nokia Volo's highly-featured smartphones and flexible clouds or the amazing development of Microsoft HoloLens 2 technology, says E. Rakickas expert bite and share the 5 MWC newspapers ; you could lose it.

1. Technological development worthy of presentation

At the MWC exhibition, daylight has been greatly enhanced by a truly popular HoloLens 2 solution at Microsoft, which HoloLens received for its first 4 years. This technology is like a new generation of clutter geese that you can see on the true truth and change it with your own hands. From now on, HoloLens 2 can monitor human eye movements and better predict its needs. Similarly, Microsoft's glossy renewal glasses that respond to their user, learn from specific human sites, and even later, use the true factual holograms to individual size and other parameters each man, "said Rakickas.

2. Digital phone on your blackmail

It is not easy to use warehouses today, but watch looks like smart-phones still composes the eyes: Nubia Alpha needs to be a fascinating wonder for those who like smartwiters and they need try them first. It is compatible with smartphone and a smartphone that can hang you on your blackmail. And this device fully carries out watch and phone calls. How is Nubia Alpha successful? The simple solution – half a clock includes a narrow and flexible OLED display that makes it easy to find smart devices to take smart phones and take other actions. Is this the best thing for this year on the market? There is not much, but a step forward by trying to & # 39; Combining one of the best features of different devices, "said Rakickas.

3. Google Helper has become more interesting

Google, an expert, always looks for ways to link their services better or even others, and they are already in a position. doing well: "Google's regular Google Computer Scheduler is scheduled to promote Messenger devices this year On Android Devices: The Smart Supporter can create answers capable of selecting messages and will send They are also in contact with a consultant. In addition, Google's continued support is recorded for other devices, such as Google Maps. This device can ask the clever assistant to request the address. "

4. Famous driver car

Although MWC is the largest mobile technology display, there are even car manufacturers: "During the presentation, BMW introduced a new generation of driver interfaces, which is expected to & # 39; a company that allows the driver to interact with his / her car as someone else. Thanks to natural interaction, control of cars with motions, voice and even Look, for example, this technology allows the driver to identify his finger at a door door window and dropped it down or down his finger to a car button and ask what he is doing. The most interesting thing is that this feature is not restricted inside a car – the driver can show his finger on the building at out of the window and ask what is through the building and get the answer you need to get out of their car. "

5. 1 TB microSD memory memory card

"Cards are amazingly amazing. MWC's latest endeavor has occurred, where a totally new microSD memory card of 1 TB was even delivered. This means that Interested mobile phones or recorders who are always experiencing a free-free problem can not turn their heads on. It is worth saying that this memory card is the microSD card that has the ability largest in the world, and that there are so many films, pictures or files on the acting machine that will add to the 2019 shopping list. And it seems that the hard hard of just 500 GB recently looked good, "said the expert.

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