Monique introduced a video video of Hollywood film with scenic scenes

“I am delighted today. This is my family, friends and music supporters. It's unusual to sing in a cinema, but I want to feel calm and you can sing with me, ”said Monika Pundziute-Monique, her first singer.

Before taking up her new post, a singer / songwriter who had already been an actress had previously sung. In the vision, "Paleuk drew", "Planai", "Two", with Monique the whole hall for them.

Vytautas Rumšas, a younger prime minister, noticed that Mr Pundziute – Monique was worried about the night's event. "I can say that your father's video clips are his father's," said her head.

Following a short concert, discussion was held with director Saulius Baradinskas and with the writer Vytautas Bikumi. “I don't know if you are drowning, but that discontent is strong. It doesn't need to be understood just above the water. Keeping your head above the water means that it doesn't give a hard minute, as the difficult situation is the way forward.

It is often very difficult, but we are strong enough to stand up and see the light above the water. I am pleased the song is to be understood and explained as he wants it. Everyone is different and sees the information in a different way. Let's see and feel what we want. The important thing is to feel, ”said Baradinskas.

He explained that the song is about toxic friendship and a time when a partner is horrible and someone has to choose whether to go further and stay or stay.

The video clip itself doesn't adjust in the uniform very openly and costlyly, in which Monique and the main actor have poisoned them completely.

For two years, Monika has already created 12 videos. “I didn't have any experience and I came to a team where it was important that the contributor had not heard the song, but that he saw the picture. I have come to a team that is important and it has been important to me. But that's not the point. The point is that they saw people who saw the first, second and third tables and wanted to see how we see other songs, ”she said.

She also warned that Baradinsk had only taken the video for the third time. His wife composed this song and b

Mantas Zemleckas actor, who played in the "Over the Water" video, just before the first DELFI outbreak began to say that he was deeply upset by the deep job and his difficulty. As a result, he had no experience of creating a music video, so it was a major challenge at the same time.

“It was interesting to take part in such a process. After this filming, I have no doubt that the most important aspect of the site is the confidence of the team leader. Creating a reality game is not enough without rest, and to do this, you have to feel that the director is up to you and allows you to look and go wrong. I am very grateful to Saul Baradinsk for creating such a creative and creative expression at work, ”he said.

Singer Vaidas Baumila, Simona Burbaitė model leader and program director for Augucevičius TV series Timothy Timothy and other celebrities came along to put on their video show.

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