Motiejun explained why he had made the visit of the USA

In a display organized by "Other conversations", a 28-year-old football player explained that he had not yet gone to the USA because of the processing of the documents.

"It takes things with a visa. At the moment the paper has ordered it. That process is not very fast, as we would like, but we move to attack. A few days remaining and I should fly.

I don't care. The paper is handled. I have to pull the visa back with the embassy when they tell me.

Although the NBA manages everything, it takes time, that shows it's not easy to get a job visa, ”said a San Antonio club.

In the middle of this season, Jonas Valančiūnas, who moved from Toronto to Memphis, had recently returned for visa to Lithuania.

Category D. Motiejūnas also has his thoughts on the Chinese defense game and the end of the season in the Shanghai Stars Shanghai team.

“When you're a stranger, you have strong protection against you, often you don't whistle, and there is a basketball like rugby.

That was the last season that we lost. When you look at the game, it sometimes seems that you don't play basketball, ”said Motiejūnas.

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