New rules for the summer industry are like a clear storm from the sky: the café still draws water to the autumn t

By law, introduced in May last year, townships were banned from distributing temporary buildings in state land (this refers to outdoor fields, which is often the focus of Scotland's output). planted for a platform, with temporary walls. By law, such licenses are only given by the National Land Service (NSS), which has not yet been established as licenses such as this are regulated.

“Legislation legislation is legislation. By 2018, the National Land Service ordered that their harmony would be needed if they wanted to build a temporary structure on state property. Write and ask ourselves how we should behave, we got the response that we are still preparing the license, but that we have not specifically mentioned anything, so far. they don't know how they will achieve it, ”said Klaipėda City Municipality. . specific Rimantas Armonas.

Following a request to clarify the situation, the NFT experts confirmed that the Temporary Buildings for Temporary and Non-Simplified Building Regulations are amended as currently drafted in Unfilled Areas. the NTC plans to grant consent for the grant and use of commercial, service and / or temporary pond facilities. outstanding buildings (cottages, pavilions, outdoor cafes, shopping facilities) ”. t

According to Armenian, such conflicts against illegal building have reached an absentee rate.

"And what do I want to do to create more jobs now? We have two things, one in which the land is freed, so there's another good thing. T which we wanted to build a new year-round bard, suitable for the colder season, the state's land, we can't take it, and so we can't do that. this summer we have a legal right, but we don't know what to do next year, ”said Arūnas.

In a financial statement, the author states that the state decision of this kind is to clear the small industry.

“There is a big loss, such as an outdoor summer bar, he can build a building and wait in winter. It isn't completely attractive in the summer, ”he says.

For the expertise of the NFT experts, the need for high permits is not.

“This year, 3 applications were received in Klaipeda, 0 in Palanga and Neringa to grant licenses for the construction of temporary structures. As our legislation does not prescribe such cause, the Klaipėda Branch of the NFP refused to give them, ”said Aušrinė Lisauskienė, National Land Service under a Prime Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture's Public Relations Department, about. Applications being received this year.

But walking around the old town, entrepreneurs see a completely different truth.

“Only here we have discovered what we had to do a number of times. I drove myself from the cabinet to the cabinet, saying no one knows, ”said an outdoor entrepreneur in the heart of the harbor.

Beside the warm season, an owner says that if the situation does not change, it must be halved by the half, as only half of it is in the state land.

One other café manager appears and says that they want to prepare for the next season now, so if you have to wait for the last minute, there will be a big drop of coffee shoes or fine for you. you can't drop it.

Entrepreneurs spoke to a non-burnt DELFI with great optimism, as many businessmen have legitimate permission for the past year. So if the NCOs are not compliant, next year, according to the entrepreneur, they are in danger of getting involved.

The expert in the village of Port says that they can only offer one route out – for chairs and boards for the castle straight to the ground. However, this is not appropriate for all entrepreneurs. Some people say that winds and rain cannot be avoided in summer, so they don't want the buyers to take some juice in the broth, while others are unsure of the green garden.

How long does it take for entrepreneurs to prepare the forms of approval that are still important. According to the owner of R. R. Armonas, it is the only way of outdoor cafes to get out of doors, chairs and screens alongside the café and only the permission of the township experts.

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