Norwegian was able to buy Caffeine cafe network Business

The announcement of the mission was to be launched in 2018. 30th October Reitan Convenience, who works in Lithuania through Reitience Airport Lithuania and Press Express, runs a series of fast stores stores in Lithuania and in the Lithuania newsletter.

Getting 100% Keturi Rooms, a Norwegian company would transfer Caffeine.

One market partner published the issue of magazines and books to the Competition Council that it could have an adverse impact. activity planned on sales sales and large sales of publications and the management of fast and convenient shopping, if Caffeine would become a chain of sales dispenser.

However, the Competition Council did not have such a bad impact, after evaluating the information collected on counterparties actions.

"The Caffeine network does not make a small amount of food distribution of news releases, and there is no evidence that it would be economically feasible to change these cafes to the media distribution sites, so it will not The situation on the relevant marketplace for the distribution of sales media in Lithuania is changing dramatically, "in the report.

Caffeine LT / Photo Photo / Caffeine Cup

Caffeine LT / Photo Photo / Caffeine Cup

After evaluating the data collected, the Commission decided to "Caffeine and Narvesen and Lithuania" coffee shops; shopping and shopping in similar products (coffee, meals and sweet foods, tobacco products, soft drinks and news releases) providing a range of services and focus criteria and quality on different client groups. So the share does not create or a & # 39; Strengthening the highest position or significantly restricts competition in any of the relevant markets in which the commitments involved are in place; proportion is active.

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