Penalties will be punished for Davis

Photo: Today's Sports – Scanpix

Today's Sports Clip – Scanpix

Anthony Davis played his first game in Pelicans New Orleans after an unsuccessful exchange and played for almost 25 minutes.

There is a fine on this show

Hit: 19.3
Target: 77.7%
League place: 5
Best performance: 36
Worst performance: 4
Most of her & # 39; hitting Anthony Davis

It was said that Pelicans will limit time to & # 39; basketball player to protect her from potentially injured, but the New Orleans club will be punished for those actions.

The NBA said that every 100,000 Pelicans games would receive 100,000. regardless of staying healthy in Davis. Money well. A similar penalty will also be issued if the league's star laments less than 25 minutes in the game.

In the last night winning Pelicans game, Davis received 32 points in 25 minutes and got 9 balls back, but four minutes were replaced by the end of the third season and did not appear again on the field.

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