Pillows: protein well, fiber, bitter acid

The chickpeas are full of vitamins, including acidic acid

Chickpeas glass – even 90 per cent. Alvydas Unikauskas, professor of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, believes in the day-to-day levels of acid acid, as well as in the program LRT TELETS Ask your doctor. Although we always emphasize the need for acidic acid especially for pregnant women, it is of benefit to us all, because a acid acidity improves the activity of the acid t brain, nervous, cardiovascular systems, reproductive work, and serving to create red blood.

Unikauskas, in his exhibitions, pays a lot of attention to a health-friendly diet – he says that health and nutrition are like the planet of the earth with the light of sun.

“It is not possible to feel good and be healthy if the nutritional diet is identical to that of rubbish. I always emphasize that a healthy diet needs to be different, ”the doctor describes why a chickpeas are a real miracle of our body.

Their kittens are full of protein – After eating one cup of chickpeas, we get up to 15 g of protein.

According to the professor, experts disagree about what a protein user should use a day, but they agree to the need for it. How much should you eat a gram of protein each day, you get your body weight (in kilograms) divided by three.

For example, if you reduce 60 kg, you should eat 20 g of protein, which is a little larger than a cup of leaves.

There are lots of batsThey can therefore help to reduce underlying behavior. It is also a result of happiness.

Their kittens are full of vitamins, particularly acidic. A chickpeas glass is as high as 90%. every day, however, if pipelines are retained there will be less acidic acid – only 40 per cent. daily rates.

“Acid is important for many things. We always focus on those who need pregnant women, so that the fruit, particularly the nervous system, is properly developed. Vegetable acid is good for the brain and nervous system, and for making red blood, and for the cardiovascular system, and reproduction, ”explains the doctor.

The shell is low in sodium, however full of iron, that helps make hemoglobin, and oxygen behavior after the body, protects against anemia, and t potasium – A critical mass of muscle building, body control, blood pressure.

So chickpeas will help you:

– You'll be more comfortable,

– development of legacy, t

– reduce the risk of heart disease

– to prevent anemia (iron deficiency), t

– reduce the risk of diabetes type 2, t

– Get more protein.

According to the performance of the exhibition, Rita Šilenskienė, a balanced nutritionist, who chooses a dry or preserved chickpeas is dependent on the time – if you don't have it, eat it, but take care of its location. the pigeon or metal container.

“The metal vessel must be complete, unresolved and covered with a bisphenol inside the metal tool. He has said that his small amounts are harmless, but he chooses to choose a chickpeas in a glass vessel, ”she says.

The expert says that jackets are a useful tool for everyone: unhealthy gluten, athletes who want to lose weight, start smiling children.

Prepared by Indre Česnauskaitė.

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