Polestar 2 will be entered into the Tesla Model 3 area

Polestar, Volvo's vehicle division, has announced Polestar 2, a semi-large electric sedan announced next year.

It is said that China's high quality electric car will be delivered in Germany, the United Kingdom, Holland, Norway, Sweden and Belgium. It will be available in the USA, California, Canada and China from the start of the show.

Polestar 2 is our most distinctive and most important car. first high model, "Thomas Ingenlath, Head of Polestar, statements from a maker report that was circulated.

Emergency eradication

Car manufacturers, especially in Europe, must significantly reduce the pollution of the new car fleet: 2021 it must be reduced to 95 g / km, so the car driving systems that will be sold in the EU.

The maker who published his / her first official information on his & # 39; A new electric car that the first Polestar 2 tour was recorded for his & her; March at Show Motor Geneva.

The electromobile is driven by 400 hp and 660 drive drives Nm driving each wheel. Battery capacity of 78 kWh is sufficient to exceed 500 kilometers distance and accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h. giving less than 5 seconds

Nas cheaper than Model 3

It is estimated that a & # 39; Its price in Europe is very competitive and it reaches 39,900 Eur, although the series of 59,900 Euros costs. For example, Tesla Modal is one-way 560 km to Europe's Euro 55,400.

Polestar aims to be the newest offering of a new share on the & # 39; market emotionally and living in a vacant space between cheaper electric cars and Tesla much more expensive. For example, versions of driving enthusiasts can be offered with Ohlins eyebrows, Bream brakes, and 20 inches wheels. In addition, animal products are not used for interior decoration.

Will be more

This maker's plan will become profitable within 5-7 years, which goes over to a & # 39; make 100,000 annual cars. The first signal, the Polestar 1 complex, will be done in the & # 39; first three years with 500 units per annum. It will reach its first customers in the third quarter of this year. Later on, the 3-sized Medium Polestar SUV is designed to compete with the Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes and major SUVs. In the long term, the range of modules will be extended to 5 modules.

Last year, Volvo published that Polestar 2 would be the first model of this manufacturer to use Android software.

Both Volvo and Polestar are owned by Chinese Zhejiang Geely Holding, who also has a " Developing new Lynk & CO, Chinese advanced.

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