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Posting of "lost" parcels from Post Lithuanian in the Estonian and French post offices of Business

R.Masiulis: The competitors have turned the most successful postal section in Lithuania to Lithuania

“Discharging, done at the end of 2012, caused a massive blow to the Lithuanian language. The mail market was opened to anyone who wishes to enter. The reform was too soon, Lithuania Post was not ready for everything, and solved internal problems. And suddenly, the more profitable regions, that delivered parcels, delivered to Germany, to France and to Estonia, ”said the Minister for Transport R.Masiulis at the Seasic Economic Committee.

The role of Lithuania, in terms of modern age, is relying on its competitors, for example, it does not, for example, provide a virtual mail distribution system that it holds there, says Mr Masul.

In his opinion, foreign firms were more favorable because they did not have to pay posts for tax, so they did not have to keep the buildings.

According to the Minister, they threw them immediately into the most profitable region and a large part of it fell from Lithuania.

Illustration by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Rock Masiulis

Illustration by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Rock Masiulis

“Lithuanian-Maker had, after losing his cash flow, even further to go further from the location, cut cuts, cut down layers, close the division. This year is just our first year that is set up with cash flows, just continuing after fighting, making more investment already. Lithuania's role in modernism is far removed from his competitors, for example there is no automatic mail distribution system, which is currently being invested in, ”said Masulis.

Lithuanian competitors do not accept Ministerial statements. They even think that the other way around that Lithuania has always had a special place in the market is that it was not easy to grow.

The Lithuania Post Office is no longer the largest

According to the Communications Regulation Authority (RRT), 37% of the total has a role in Lithuania. income markets from each vessel. French DPD Lithuania – 18%, German DHL – 12%, Estonia Omniva – 4% t

However, when market evaluation of non-traditional postal services (post office, parcels, messengers), which involves Lithuanian competitors of the specified time, they are split up to t different: according to the number of such ships, LPDL has 27%. markets, Venipak Lithuania – 31.5 per cent, Lithuanian Post and its subsidiary Baltic Post co-owned with 15.9 per cent. markets, Omniva – 11.7 per cent, DHL Lithuanian – 3.3%.

Recently, the position of postal services in Lithuania has worsened as a result of a hard competition, says Norbert Ž Team, Head of Marketing and Retail in Postage.

“In 2018, compared to the same period in 2017, the Lithuania's market share fell by 2 percentage points. This can be explained by the increase in foreign post networks and over-emphasis on Lithuania's priorities by taking forward unsustainable activity, ” 15mion he said in writing.

Norbert Žioba

Norbert Žioba

The lost market share is polluting financially and N.Žiba values ​​it. "The players are very strong in Germany, France, Estonia, Finland and other countries which are currently competing in competition with Lithuania," he said, "That is an inspiration to find ways to find new ways of winning that." improve their performance.

And competitions continue to attack the market share at Lithuania by expanding its reach and increasing the number of users. Lithuania Post, Lithuania's first post office, is already in number two (137). By way of comparison, Omniva already owns 150, and there is no DPD in Lithuania with more than 20 to 69 parcels last year, and plans for rapid expansion this year.

True, Lithuania Job is also promising to grow. 2019 it is planned to invest 1.5 million and increase the number of self-service boundary terminus to 168.

Image by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Lithuanian Post

Image by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Lithuanian Post

"Omniva is growing faster than market

In the first three quarters of 2018, compared to the same period in 2017, the number of Lithuanian market parcels grew by 37%. During the comparative period, the number of delivery delivered by Omniva was up 60%.

“We're better than market. This is achieved by improving and developing self-service tools. People are increasingly choosing options for parachutes rather than waiting for a messenger. We are focused on ATMs, they are easier and cheaper for the ultimate user than the messenger, ” 15mion said Simonas Bielskis, leader of the Lithuanian company.

Omniva car Photo / self-service Omniva

Omniva car Photo / self-service Omniva

According to the book, the service is cheaper because there is a need for smaller cycling, the walks are shorter, the processes are more efficient, and this allows saving. Additionally, e-mails also help to grow the parcel service.

“The price in the e-commerce store for delivery to end-users is considerably lower than the use of parcel parcels than waiting for a messenger in the town. Or, agree with shops to promote the use of the service, or by selling e-mails to that free delivery from time to time to increase their sales. It's also about selling more money for the reason, ”Bielski said.

He does not agree with the statements made by Mr Masul that Lithuanian Lithuanian competitors have moved easily from the profitable parcel market.

We haven't had a unique situation, we came to the market that had been pretty tolerated by the Lithuanian Party. In my opinion, they have special circumstances, and we have had to come in as new people and hard work for a number of years before we saw that service, Bielski said.

“We have no exceptional situation, came to the market which was under-managed by Lithuanian Post. In my opinion, they have unique circumstances, and we have had to be new and work hard for a number of years to see that service. When a company comes from abroad, it can grow 2-3 times quicker, perhaps because of excellence, ambition, towering factors, rather than in exceptional circumstances. It was only last year that we made a profit. I wouldn't agree that it was so easy to come, so difficult to try with a company with the state that has both subsidies and similar things, "explained Bielski.

Omniva is set for 2019 up to 2 million investment in EUR development. These investments will be in addition to the car network, and should increase to 200-250 ATMs by the end of the year.

"Lithuania: We have developed and marketed our business to the market

Tomas Vaišvila, spokesman for DPD Lietuva, who makes up 27% of the parcel market, said the number of parcels sent through the parcel machines is growing each year and that the network itself is growing. and grows.

“Most delivery involves the reservation. We have 69 self-switching machines, and in the first half of the year we plan to build another 20 and increase the number of those who have Gaelic. Last year's final year was fiercely developed – from 20 to 69 postcards. Consequently, the number of vessels has increased. "Reduction in the amount of parcels through parcels has increased, while revenue increased by nearly four," Mr Vaišvila explained.

DPD Lithuania / DPD Lietuva car

DPD Lithuania / DPD Lietuva car

E-commerce enjoys e-commerce as well as convenience – they are available all week, around the clock.

“We don't play a lot with prices or marketing campaigns. We see that other market participants are doing so diligently. Our traffic is increasing, we are satisfied with the results, Chinese traffic is not channeled through our parcel equipment, and we do not have many vessels from China. We are being rolled out from Lithuania. Our export was hugely grown last year in our company, ”said Mr Vaišvila.

As a Omniva leader, he disagrees with the minister's view that he is in a better position for Lithuania

“Baltic Post is a sub-group of the Lithuania Post, our only competitor as we have messengers and parcels at the same time as providing similar services. They use Lithuanian postal infrastructure. The question is, do they have better conditions than we are, ”he said.

T. Vaišvila confirmed that DPD Lietuva has been working since 1999, but does not provide traditional postal services, as is Lithuania.

“During this time, our company has created the infrastructure necessary for it today. We also made a profit until 2013. “After the roll out of the traditional postal services market, and after that,” Vaišvila said in writing.

With a decline in demand for traditional postal services, he said that post offices are in all countries, and that service improvements have become very even-handed.

“Lithuania Mail is the same and for this purpose from 2012 onwards. is a director of the Baltic sub-group which develops the parcels business in Lithuania. Success depends on a range of contexts.

Commenting on the history of Lithuanian history and the infrastructure created, the company was much more favorable in a market leader position in the parcel parcel, ”the company's representative said.

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