Produced by "Sostų karai": Praspaliauskas showed what and how to make a home before the first season of a new season

George R. Martin, who created World Wars Thrones Wars, did not hide from being a good food. And though the creator was not hiding on the usual food, the peasants or barberian and Mexican beasts, Ice and Fire Song makes it easy to think about one of at least 150 recipes.

There is not enough space for the medieval food videos, soups, main bugs and dregs as the main characters look, but at the same time all the idiomatic descriptions leave space for interpretation.

Going back to the last 8 seasons in April, the "Soldiers" Wars were also well-known for scenes where warriors or heroes were carefully prepared – peaks, sausages, chicken with sweet bald, cakes and drinks t -drink with alcoholic beverages.

The actors praised the dinners as they were not dinner – the cookers were known for their series of developers and advised them their own meal.

And what if you want to eat something from the world of the Thrones Wars? For example, in St Petersburg there is a mocking bar of the world "Sostai Wars", but in Lithuania it can not hunger and thirst for quenching at home except for home t . However, this is a fairly simple thing.

How are you looking for sunshine stew, Sansa's romantic juice cakes? How is a hen cooked in a hen or queen Cercei at Royal Port for his favorite food soup?

“We can only collect results and explain and explain ourselves – as you think this will be,” said Deivydas Praspaliauskas, one of the most famous Lithuanian chefs, the supporter of Sostai Wars. The cook, with the date of Amandus Restaurant, agreed to challenge a challenge and show how several randomly selected foods are selected from books. Anyone with this ambition and high goods can prepare food of this kind.

Two ships and their methods

The first food was breakfast in Meryne, where Daenerys would sit under the Persimmon tree and ate duck eggs with dog's sausages. It's called Egg Eggs, the East East is known as Tea Eggs, which could be prepared first by cooking in a hot sauce, an evening meal and a meal but the interpretation isn't. freedom of choice.

"Everything can be changed," D. Praspaliauskas chose confidently, and instead of dog, chose more traditional toys, and replaced the eggs from ducks – more traditional rabbits.

Eventually the dramatic eggs D. Praspaliauskas made basic omelets – on the first scene, is one of the easiest vessels in the kitchen, which can be made, but of course, the omelette is one of these vessels , which shows the cook's basic skills in the future: sleep must be light, light, unripe, move in the middle but properly burnt, shape.

For a lot (enough for two), the cook used: three eggs, 200 g. fall, one cloak, a small pepper, one little zucchini, seedlings (dill, onions and coriander), salt, a lump of pepper.

The fingers are initially cut as small fragments of meat – if your fingers leave healthy, the bags will still be pinned, and several minutes will be cooked on medium heat, then the tartan plaque will be pushed. on a plate and let into a pan, cut zucchini cut into a cubicle, forget and undo it, the fluid content is pumped with a pin of pepper and a little salt. Everything was cramped for just a few minutes, and the trips never quite touched and the panel was shaken with broken eggs, covered in cream and home baking for about a minute.

A youth is still in the middle and the sides of the spatula are carefully taken away from the bottom so that he cannot bake. Another minute and the singer going to the plate. There's nothing complicated but well-dressed, and it is likely that the queen will eat it.

The next ship she had – first he had goats Dachshund, be roasted in a hot fire with honey, a horse-dish, given with fruit and vegetables.

However, the clearer goat can easily be changed by getting out the lamb, and the fruit or vegetables are joined together. For one item D. Praspaliauskas which chose 250 g. lamb, garlic, ginger, apple, orange, green lemon, peppers, oily oil slag, salt and pepper. Mule, which has been nearby for about 50 years, has been replaced by muckle sugar (approximately 50 years), but you can use one or more people boldly.

The method is simple: oil filled with oil is poured into a heated pan where a piece of lamb is extracted. After a minute, the meat is turned, and the brutal garlic cloak, several pieces of ancestors that make a bust, travel to pan.

After a few minutes the apples are covered with apple and cut into small chips, a piece of paprika, which is shaken with the juice of one orange and one green lemon, and after a few minutes. Porridge is new and is very sweet.

A few minutes later, the food is packed into a slice of syrup and then cooked for a further minute. The cookery course took up to 10 minutes – meat with vegetable sauce and fruit goes to plate and attends on the board.

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