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On Friday, Swedbank studied in Swedbank's main office in Stockholm, with AP and Bloomberg agents.

The chief prosecutor, Thomas Langrot, who was involved in economic crime in Lithuania, said he was trying to speed up Swedbank to point out that a bank cash withdrawal scheme should be mentioned in the plan. media and informed contributors that its loss would be reduced by a lack of stock depopulation.

According to Mr Langrot's arguments, the survey shows that shareholders Sweden gave in-house information in the wrong way.

Uppdrag Granskning, a slightly larger broadcaster than SVT's coverage of Swedish, said there could be 40 billion euros in 2007-2015 in a currency stream between Swedbank and the Danske Bank in Estonia. SEK (EUR 3.8 billion). It could be money that was between a 50-year-old monster that wasn't working.

In the middle of the month, Bloomberg said that SVT had already named a much higher name on the basis of the bank account opened by Swedbank in 2018, and could move EUR 95 billion in 2007-2015. kronor (EUR 9 billion).

New data were published that Swedbank provided false information to the US government authorities who submitted questions on the Panamanian case.

Paul Manafort, former President of Donald Trump of the USA, was planning to be in the bank of this type of payment (the last was convicted for lifelong learning, bank fraud, lobbying by poor advice). and pressure on witnesses.

He is also named as the president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, among Swedbank's clients who received the sum.

Swedbank share fell by 8% on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the Annual General Meeting of Swedbank will be held, and the bank's senior managers have to ask the misconduct questions about answering the current scandal.

Researchers say the Scottish Government, Birgitte Bonnesen, may benefit from the need to avoid direct answers to government authorities and bank shareholders, as well as over-the-counter problems. T .

Swedbank (FRA) Hazardous Risk Alliance, a consultancy consultancy center employed by Swedbank, notes that the banking bank's honorable banking activity in the Baltic States will be announced after Friday's announcement. Bonnesen.

My morning m. An Raising awareness is the decision to investigate and improve a dedicated crime sector in the bank and the proposed investment processes and technologies to put in place an effective and sustainable risk management operator.

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