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Route to Yuri Veklenko Solo: Two times to Eurovision, Group of Boys, and Dream of the Tenth

His mother was murdered by Svetlana's lawyer, who came to her. news congress, the mind and just wanted to soften her sweetheart's faster. In fact, their relationship is very strong, and Yuri was laughing and laughing. laughing at her Talisman man who helped her win this time. But when she first interviewed her, she betrayed, although she chose Yuri to make the easiest way to go on, and she promised to go to a large extent while she was going to go. It is still tenth.

Very little there was a & # 39; Believing that a man with an active and excellent voice would keep his / her; This dream and fulfilling its role. But Yuri is now not only singing on the big platform, but also a & # 39; enjoying the country's sympathy.

DELFI has been affected by asking what; His first idea was when he heard that he had been a winner, saying that he was a well-known guest. "Finally, I was confident about the goal and I knew what I wanted. He took me from that tenth, and I thought it was last.

This song has already grown up to me. I am free to sing. I feel confident, what my message is. I also want to tell everyone that the most important thing you think about yourself and telling yourself. The key is not to listen to others. I've been guided by this in my life, "said the actor J. Veklenko.

Born, raised and studied in Yuri Veklenko in the town of his ports and started his first steps on the stage. True, he did not finish the music school. The famous boy was now celebrated, but his success was great just after he moved to Vilnius and started working here. In fact, everything is not at the same time, but even with much effort and effort, even the brilliant dreams that truly become.



© DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

It's not just a & # 39; Rolikai boy group, and with the photographer and dancer Nagli Bieranc and Mantvydas Sabaiitis, made concerts, but also took part in Lithuanian English. Later on, by Gabriele Martirosionaite, he successfully appeared in the Star Duo.

While he was & # 39; Traveling with Monika Linkyte and Vaidu Baumila to Vienna in 2015, he became a contributing partner in Europe that made Europe a triple kiss. At the end of performance, not only did Vaidas and Monika, but the supportive musicians, coming to Vienna. Then he thought that the human being was kissed and that his wife had a great deal with her; girl, and much debate on the Eurovision fan pages.

Route to Yuri Veklenko Solo: Two times to Eurovision, Group of Boys, and Dream of the Tenth

© DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

Knowledge of the great Eurovision scene will surely help Veklenko to go to Tel Aviv. While he was still in & # 39; Speaking on DELFI television, Yuri said he was a secure feeling and a person who was a looking for a visit.

"There is a very different level. The sounds and illustrators are the ones that work with celebrities starred around the world. At the two moments, when I was honored at & # 39 ; traveling with national winners, I was ashamed about how professionally and could be.

Since myself as a supportive speaker, I did not need to run or give an interview, but I saw the artists moving from left to right. They feel like high stars. The fans even wait for the hotel and ask them to record CDs. I think there is a need to travel in & # 39; understand what you want, or you can steal your nose very quickly, "he said.

Well, last year, it became a voice on the character Lytita Zero, act Gytis Ivanauskas. When the actor appeared in the "Eurovision" election, Yuri went to sing to him, but then it was quite strange that Lolita had a dream on the stage.

His song, "I'm Waiting", out of the last accident, was also successful, and this is the third solo artist's song, and the An artist that the song in this song would not hear.

Tomorrow, Monday, 10:30 a.m., Yuri Veklenko also visits the DELFI television studio, where he will talk about the effect, wait for her & # 39; Competition and the responsibility to go to Lithuania to produce Lithuania.

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