Samsung and its first Galaxy Galaxy announced a rotating camera

This line combines efforts to bring world into the A10, A50 and A70 and, today, the company has called three new models – A20e, A40 and A80. The Galaxy A strongest strongest published, announced the first Galaxy A80 with a touring camera.

The Galaxy A80 is newly equipped with a smart battery, a framed screen and swords, and a camera camera set. The new smartphone is designed for users who want to share their ideas and life with others, not only in puppet form, but also in live broadcasting.

15min Picture / Samsung Galaxy A80 Smartphone

15min Picture / Samsung Galaxy A80 Smartphone

“When we design new smartphones, we focus more on people's needs, and so our strategy is to bring in new technology across all the product lines , giving every user the opportunity to make smart solutions, experience, seize and find the best. The Galaxy A Series is designed for a wide range of user groups, so that everyone can find a smart phone that will meet their needs. Based on our long experience of developing and developing phone cameras, we are pleased to be introducing the first Galaxy Galaxy with a mobile camera, the Galaxy A80, which is Simon Skup, Chief Executive of Samsung Electronics Baltics in Lithuania.

Designed for everyone

The new Galaxy series makes six different models of smartphones with a longer battery life, a high quality display and a better camera. They are designed to allow every user to find their personal needs and budget, which they can spend on a new phone that matches the device. Whether it is a high-priority screen, a high resolution, a high-end camera or a powerful battery, the Galaxy Series gives all the correct solution.

The latest smart line is designed to respond to sustainable customer growth and growing expectations of customers and quality. According to customer requirements, Samsung has offered two distinct modules – A20e and A40 – for European customers. Both units feature the Galaxy A series innovation, and a smaller amount of screen represents the wishes of some European users to choose size devices.

Innovative modern camera

The Galaxy A80 is the first Samsung smartphone with a rotating camera. To burn, a special plate with three lenses is automatically displayed in the background of the phone, and the lenses turn automatically to the phone's face to capture the camera. The modern camera camera equipment allows you to enjoy the overall quality of three lenses with back and forth camera.

The rotating camera circulates 48 MP control, making clear pictures each day and night. The new 3D visualization camera will allow you to benefit from a Live Focus feature – it visits its depths and size. A wide-ranging lens is outside the camera that takes images that one sees.

The camera also shows the high level of sustainability, which helps you to record a video even when you move. The Optimizer camera integrated with the camera detects up to 30 objects or different scenes, and the search for the prophets automatically detects deficiency before burning.

Display, battery and hearing system

In the Galaxy A80 Samsung's new 6.7-inch Infinity and FHD + Super AMOLED demonstration, which is the best inventing, is the chance to enjoy more fascinating views of games. T , photography and videos. The Dolby Atmos hearing system at the new tower that creates a buzz about you at 360 degrees is the use of a headset or speaker with the Bluetooth.

The Galaxy A80 also has a 3700 MAA battery and a price too soon for 25W to deliver. The new phone batter uses energy use to introduce everyday user to the device and the various devices. New phones are displaying a suitable energy saving method that will maximize the level of battery performance.

Smart features, design and security

In Intelligent Performance Improvement there is a synthetic truth that captures the user's use of the mobile phone and develops a battery, CPU and RAM usage, making the phone work more efficiently and for example. good consumer. Bixby Routines, the Smart Assistant, shows the user's exams and analysis of the user's daily routines, use phone calls, and changes them to customary practice, for example by Removing the sleep chain to sleepless sleep.

Also to give the highest level of security to its users, Samsung installed the Galaxy A online Knox security platform. For maximum security, users can safely access the access between Samsung Pass and various versions. apps and websites to find out what a bibliography is and forget the many password you have so far used.

According to modern people's active lives, Galaxy A80 can work without help from Bixby's clever helper and other features such as Bixby Vision, Bixby Home, Samsung Health and more.

The Galaxy A80 body gets a slender and ergonomic body and feels comfortable in the poem of your hand. The users of Lithuania will be able to choose from two colors – black and gold. In our country's shops, the phone will appear in June.

Galaxy A40 and Galaxy A50 in Lithuania are already available from early April, and Galaxy A10, Galaxy 20e and Galaxy A70 will be available in Lithuanian resources in May. Users of A20e, A40, A50 and A70 will be able to choose from four different colors – black, white, blue and coral, and A10 will be black, blue, red and coral.

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