Scientists are surprised that they will change green glaciers in Antarctica

Its reason is that some green ice mountains are the dust that comes from Antarctica and on the mainland. If this theory is proof, that is why the green glaciers are not just jokes in the Antarctic or appealing drag. In fact, they can be really important for moving group feed, it says

“It is delivering parcels to the post office. The glacier can carry this iron away to the oceans, spread it out to phytoplankton (an organ which is not seen by the bare eye, which flutes near the surface of the sea). may be used as a feed.

Purpose of the green icebergs

For over 30 years, S. Warren has researched the privacy of the green iceberg. He took his first samples from one of this green ice block back in 1988, near the Amery ice shelf in the east of Antarctica.

“When we climbed the iceberg, weren't the biggest color we brought in and surprise, but so obviously it was. Ice had gone to the frozen airballs. That's not the usual ice cream, ”said Warren.

The mirror is often bright white ice to blue. The blue is usually the older ones. The weight of the round snow chains presses the air air and takes them away from the ice, which reduces the dispersion of the white light. Closed ice will include most light-blue light. This creates a turquoise color, which can be seen inside icebergs and glaciers.

It was also green with green but not green. Warren and his team quickly found that green ice was not separated from the glaciers, as ice-creams formed, but originated in the sea. Ice is an ice of ice-frozen ice, formed under an Antarctic frozen shelf.

The iceberg is very important?

The team first thought that the green was created with the organic material caught in the ice – the ancient plants and deciduous cetaceans. They argue as follows: because its carbon is pale yellow, an irregular substance can mix with the normal ice cube and create a green color. However, another study has shown that the amount of organic matter contained in green lime is not higher than green plant.

Now, a new study has shown that types of invertebrates can be caused by green ice. Warren and his colleagues in January 10 of the Journal of Geophysical Research carried out: Five hundred times more iron on an ice shelf base Amery than the glacier roof.

This iron is from the rocks at the base of the Antarctic continent, where the glaciers above plunge into the smooth powder. Iron mixed with ice is mixed with water to oxidize. The iron oxide bits that come out of it will release green thirst when light is spread on them.

When icebergs are separated from the larger ice-crop, this ice is mixed with iron and, as expected, is of green magic.

Scientists need to take samples from more glaciers and a chemical study of their minerals to make sure their theory is correct. However, if they become correct, the importance of green icebergs will come to light – they can become an important ferry to remote parts of the South Sea, taking notice of Warren and its presence. colleagues.

Iron is an essential requirement for the growth of phytoplancton, but is scarce of southern waters. Glaciers can carry food away from the shore, helping life to catch it where it would not otherwise happen.

“We always thought that a green iceberg was a remarkable lullaby. But now we think that they are really important, ”said Warren.

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