Scientists: The sun is also good to make, water is just different

It has long been known that one of the metabolic processes is plasma water – a comparison between the flaps of cool plasma from the sun crown on the surface. Understanding the formation of water that would explain the temperature of the crown, which is 200 times the height of the Sun, would help.

An analysis of the data collected by solar watch telescopes (SDO) is now given, showing that water forms in small curves of magnetic fields. To date, main water mains have been considered to be "helmet currents", large dispersed structures, good practice during solar eclips. But there was no water in the stream. Rainstorms are up to 100,000 kilometers high, and a helmet stream can reach several million kilometers.

Calculation shows the use of the plasma to appear from the loops and then water throwing to be heated in a low decimal. Later, it spread this energy to what makes the sun crown. This search therefore limits the height at which the main crown material is heated up to 10,000 kilometers from the surface of the sun.

It has also been found that some water drugs are produced that are not in closed loops but on lines of magnetic fields that pass the intertidal place. Some of the plaster that passes into these lines goes off the sun and produces the sun's sun, so the sun's water is associated with the formation of the wind.

Last week it was discovered that thick, hot, hot lumps were found in the sun wind. These structures were found in data collected in 1974-1976 after they had been reviewed and periodically refused by Helios probes itself. The bees spread around every 90 minutes, but it is still uncertain whether this is happening regularly, or just a few small clues taken by Helios.

The latter were not seized by the Trials of the Other Suspect, but they were not designed for that. By answering questions about the origin and features of commas this will help with the Parker solar exam, visit our star, and search it until 2026.

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