Snake to Modern Games: How they create billions

Smart smart games are no longer active with a child, with simple graphics and bad situations. According to research by Newzoo, the mobile gaming market last year reached over $ 60 billion. and accounts for about half of the total income that businesses are doing; computer games. Makers of gadgets are also active to activate & # 39; Responding to the ever-changing game and user needs – the new tools are capable of maintaining 3D games with complex graphics.

The first games that were hit

During the late 1990s, mobile gaming began, when mobile phones grew very popular. In a large number of phones, normal games were installed by the manufacturer, because there was only a database where they could buy.

One of the first moving games that became the story of "Snake". This game was dominated by its main physical phones and became a popular one despite its simple story. This is also a & # 39; First game for two telephones that could be played at one time. This could be done by connecting the tools to & # 39; using infrared radiation.

As Yanfei, leader of the Huawei Baltic Goods Business Group, said the second breath of mobile games comes from Java technology: "After releasing this technology in 2002, ; it has become possible to install its own game. In addition, its first phones with a color display appeared in that time.

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A & # 39; The first Java game created by Sega. This piece can enable the phones at the time – they are suitable for quick action games. There were two other games at that time, which became a real tour, Bowling and Bejeweled. However, the 3D Ridge Racer, created by Namco, The first one to market a new 3D mobile game for mobile phones.

Various games – both old and old

The promotion of mobile games began with the appearance of smartphones and their facilities. "This has all opened a wide range of ways that are easy and easy to download different programs and games. For example, Angry Birds, who appeared in 2009, became a symbol of real commercial success," said Yanfei.

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This is also apparent with its impact; by the players themselves in a pop culture, as Angry Birds started creating different toys, cartoons or even films. Later, games like Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope and Candy Crush followed a warning of this.

"Playing games has just played on the touch screen, which makes it easy and amazing to interact. At that time, the market itself did not change, Only children, but also teenagers, parents and even a grandfather or grandmother started playing mobile games, "said Yanfei.

According to the end, the game became one of the most popular entertaining types in the & # 39; smart phone, and not just specialized checks, but video games series were also involved in creating.

The most important thing is an appropriate device

As Yanfei tells us, enjoying high quality mobile games and their best potential, smart smartphone is the most important. There are currently games for mobile phones; Provide the ability to select graphics options that match the capabilities of your device. Consumer considerations and needs are considered, more and more manufacturers make their own. Starting to make powerful smartphones with advanced graphics.

"Many resources are needed for the best performance of the phone during play. To support high quality games in the 2019 fast model, we have integrated the Kirin 710 process for energy efficiency and efficiency energy. It also includes GPU Turbo technology that improves the performance of its graphics process, "says Yanfei.

New and up-to-date games support the Turbo GPU technology with a slower play process, and & # 39; giving more attack to players over their competitors. In addition, by improving its & # 39; your graphics process and reduce power consumption up to 30% during play, and does not cause the phone to be loaded at high loaders.

"There is a clear indication, powerful battery, powerful process, and advanced graphical processing of the effects that a phone should be capable of meeting the needs of fans of mobile playback enthusiasts. In this case, a phone call that meets these requirements can not be added to the banner department, "says Yanfei.

Move to other platforms

Recently, there are effects for previously popular games on a computer platform for moving to mobile devices. With the help of game developers today there are several even integrated platforms, so, for example, in the Hearthstone card game, owners can use a mobile device with their computer.

But it's probably the most recent books that Battlefields (PUBG) PlayerUnknown (PUBG) have a huge impact on its & # 39; entire mobile market. This work has been an indication of the nature of the new, most popular and popular world-wide play.

"Even one hundred players on a big map can simultaneously compete in this game. When the map starts to decline, it will & # 39; Encourage competition and mini-arch between them. Finally, the game will end when there is only one player or one team left, "he says. According to some of the experts and players, the mobile version of PUBG exceeds that of ordinary computers or playboys.

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