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Spring will be in the spring

The warmest days in the counties from Alytus, Marijampolė, Kaunas and Tauragė, where temperatures rise to 8-10 degrees Celsius, are colder in the environment of Vilnius, Panevėžys, Šiauliai and Telšiai. The coldest man will be at the sea, as the Baltic is still cold, where the temperature changes about 5-7 degrees Celsius.

On Tuesday, the cyclist's center moves to the east of our country and will be sent into Europe for a few days. At night and daytime, the weather is clear and there is no water. At night, the wind is weak, he pushes the way, and the day turns south-east and grows average. In the evening, weather moves to 1-6 ° C, the coldest night should be near Alytus, Vilnius, Utena and Panevėžys. During the day the sun heats up to 6-11 degrees Celsius, the day is warm in the Kaunas, Marijampolė and Tauragė areas.

There is no major change for Wednesday. You will have a nice evening to watch the stars, and you will be able to enjoy the sun's rays without interruption. That doesn't fall from anything. The bad news is that even the south-east winds are increasingly likely to be in the western areas, the reach of 15-17 m / s. In the night, the temperature will differ from 2 degrees C to 3 degrees Celsius, rising to 8-13 degrees Celsius, but because of the strong wind we have less temperature for temperature.

Thursdays will be very similar – Wednesday the sky is usually clear. At night time, you will see a fairly southerly wind, a stronger, worse place, better access to western areas, reaching 15-18 m / s. At night temperatures vary from 1 level to cold to 4 heat, the day is 9-14 degrees Celsius, but unfortunately due to the strong winds, the temperatures will be slightly lower.

On Friday there will be a small change in the weather, bad weather conditions standing, there should be no water. South-east winds continue to increase east and are slowly weakening. A day and a night are slightly colder than Thursday: the temperature changes from 3 levels to 2 degrees Celsius at night, rising to 8-13 degrees a day.

A higher probability of approaching clouds is higher at the weekend, but most dry weather conditions continue. The temperature will be similar to Friday.

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