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Star: There's still a lot of questions to answer before you travel to Mars

The magazine features subjects such as Aidas Sadauskas, lecturer at the Vilnius University planetarium and a doctor in talking astrophysics.

Let's start with one of the most important questions for people – a life in Mars. What is the probability of life in Mars?

– Some numerical probability value is very complex and can be a complete description. But now the most common idea amongst astronauts that the existence of the solar system, Mars is most likely to find that unattractive life.

The underwater water in Mars is thought to mean life. Do you intend to research this?

– To say surprisingly finding water will be the same as life expectancy. Mars has a long history of water, but one of the most recent finds has revealed a body of water after a kilometer of rock. So far, we have not been able to explore these or these waters, but they may be investigated as they are more likely to find life or markers.

And how is surface water used to come to an end in Mars?

– It is difficult to tell about the customs still, but water in Mars will be among the main resources we can use to make food, oxygen and fuel. But, I think it's more likely that the first human missions will be looking for more accessible water sources.

When is the first trip to Mars planned?

– At least according to current plans, Elonas Muskas and his SpaceX, who made the first human flight in 2024, guide it. Again, as long as that is sensible, the time will come before 2024. there is less left. In my mind, this day is a bit hopeful, I think it would be more meaningful to talk about 2030, and NASA campaigns should be launched at the same time.

Amazingly, if we go to another planet, what is the most difficult problem to find out (oxygen deficiency, food supply, gravity change, etc.)?

– The most difficult thing to do is create the false traffic of the Earth. At this time, the army left on Mars's surface about 38 per cent. earthquakes. While this is not the greatest threat to sudden threats to town or colony in Mars, this problem needs to be resolved.

Aidas Sadauskas

Aidas Sadauskas

© Simon Bendis

Just as you could do it, how would it be, if it is, then it takes a long time in the human body in Mars?

– From the current tests at the International Space Station, we can see that human bones and muscles were getting worse when the weight is stopped. This could be rectified by using extra and intensive sports. But the eyes are also shaped and astronomers' vision is getting worse. The biggest problem is that "carrying them" is slightly different due to low drawdown, which may mean that a large number of drugs may not be working. It is also not clear what would happen during pregnancy and whether the public could increase the size of this plan.

How are you interested in traveling to Mars?

– I even thought that travel to Mars was totally enough to happen during my lifetime. Amazing films and literature have been added to this.

How do you think young people will be interested in astronomy?

– The complex, personal, astronomical issue and physical science have drawn that it is the only way to bring at least some of these fascinating gems to a modern reality t . Astronomy also helps understand the incredible beauty and complexity of the Earth, which stimulates curiosity and gives you the opportunity to think, not just about everyday things. While working on the planetarium, I observed that similar things are interesting for current young people, just to deliver these things in a sensitive and interesting way.

Maybe you have some astronomicals that you love?

– I don't prefer to look after it after the ordinary people continue to do well. But I think it was characters like Sephene Hawking, Richard Feynman, that could inspire their achievements and their life history as a real inspiration.

You may be able to advise on where to look for news coverage?

– I highly recommend Konstanta42, which is without doubt a remarkable fact in Lithuanian. I'm often reading, Universe Today and Science Alert.

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