Starting, passing IBM, Intel and Samsung, naming a major graphene representative

For the first time, a talking grace began to speak higher in 2004 when the first scientific work was launched. And just 6 years ago, a graphic study gave the Nobel Prize in Phonology to Geimas and K Novoselov. In fact, we started to talk immediately about the wonderful features of graphene and how it changes the world, but we don't get any more practical benefits. So far.

After 15 years of transformation, graphene is complicated and complex and expensive. But this could change.

Established by Cambridge University, a start-up company claims that they have found a way to produce gravel on a commercial scale. This would mean that at the end of the world it would be possible for the world to take advantage of this “wonderful stuff”.

In 2018, three researchers from Cambridge established a company called Paragon. And now Cambridge University reveals that a Parable has started to graphene on a commercial scale. Producing high-quality panels of up to eight inches (20.3 cm) and the way scientists use it in 2015.

The graphene plates of this size are the largest in the world and one of the other universities, research teams or companies like IBM, Intel and Samsung cannot do so.

The press release also reveals that the first "graph-based graphics" tool launched by the company in the coming months will bring the company into 2.9 million already. funds for the development of the first commercial merchandise and the team currently employs 16 people.

Notably, the press release does not specify what the device will be, but we know very well that the graphene application opportunities are endless. Grapehe is almost 200 times stronger than steel and 10 times the body of a copper, which is the most used in electricity.

There is also 250 times better in graphene also in electric transport or silicon. Cambridge researchers hope to replace silicon slate with existing slate-layers, instead we can increase the speed of electronic devices by 10 times. It is also felt that graphene can enable chemical and electrical sensors 30 times more certain.

Paragraph Paradise has the power to change different industries, including electronics, energy and health, ”said Col Humphreys, Chair of Paragraph, in a press release. "This will allow the vital scientific advances made in experiments to be used commercially in the manufacture of small grape plates and to provide the public with the benefit of this magic product in machine products. T based on graphene. "

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