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There is probably a lack of water

Not running through the biggest and smallest US state, Kaunas's 24-year-old challenge is the biggest challenge.

According to D. Narauskas, his overwhelming impression came to him, but the man tried to repeat nothing. Two years ago, from carrying the activity of the Dutch breath and cold Wimo Hof, graphic design and marketing began to daily exercise, breathing exercise and physical training.

"I really enjoyed running in the winter because I was not so tired, and I was focusing more on myself, so one winter day ran through Oak and shorts with short films and shirts t And I realized that I was ready for something more, "he said. I feel I need to reply out that I don't know. I believe that the term itself, in the form of the transformation, has its meaning. "

According to the boy, when he is preparing for hard land, it is good to train not only physically, but also spiritually – after all, it is important. not to break down on a journey like this. "It depends largely on human psychology. It is easy for people to do away easily without starting work. That's why I left myself for quite a lot of success, so that's where I left myself. T I'm sure I will succeed, "he said.

As one travels alone, Narauskas has to carry only the things that are most useful to him as he will have a heavy burden on the journey. How you don't spend things, but also for everything you need to build? “The highlight of the trip is, indeed, a good tent that protects against wind and water – the lightest and the best thing. I'm glad you just got over a kilogram, 'the boy announced.

If you run food as dry gifts for officers the runner will find a place in the area as it will be cheaper. But the challenge is the most important element of water. “Before I traveled, I watched live video streams from the places I ran. I saw some of the snow that could be melted down. But I don't find anywhere, "she said.

Wild animals can also stir up complex situations, but the one believes in knowing how to treat them, not to be cured. Temperature issues are also important – although in spring, the heat in Alaska is still not away. "At night, there may be up to 15 cold points, and in days from – 8 cold to a number of heat levels," says D.Narauskas. "But there will be a lot of moisture and wind that may feel cause low temperatures. " t

Overall theme

Kaunas faces a challenge of receiving 1.5 miles in two months, or even faster. km. He intends to run about 30 km per day. The runner starts in Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, and then runs north. It was true that the route was to be shortened slightly, as it was discovered that people were not allowed out into the northern part of Prudhou Bay, which is a city. workers in oil mines. So it runs in the town of Dedhorse, which is ten kilometers closer.

On a winter's day, I ran through the oak trees with short films and t-shirts, I realized I was ready for something more.

When he reaches this settlement and ends his run, Narauskus must go back 600 km to the town of Ferbankso to go to Chicago and travel to Lithuania from there. On a journey, he cannot go longer than 90 days because tourists will be valid for as long, and will not be able to run back. "I can get to Ferbanks by bus, but it costs $ 200, and biking is twice a week, and I might stop the passenger stop." said the priest.

Kaunas is slightly worried that the settlements are going down to the north so that they disappear. "In its first month, the journey will be easier. Every 70km I go to another village where there will be lots of beautiful places. There's plenty of hotels to make a safer place to live in." runner.

This is already in the Ferbank previously said, adding more stocks to the journey more difficult. A further 150 kilometers outside the town will continue to mountains, a spectacular view, and then the nature is poor. "I saw that there is even a record of the last spruce that signals no trees," the broken woman mocked the challenge. "When I looked at the map, I discovered that the environment would be the same in the future.

I have support

This addition also raises questions about food. How do I get provision for two weeks when a passenger does not have to connect with people? D. Narauskas proved that he had considered various situations. "I don't think it will be very hard, maybe it is hard," said laughter. Although tourists and staff aren't often traveling around, so if I get around Bad effects, I can stop them and ask for food, I don't eat meat, but I chose it.

And why did the boy decide to go back alone? After all, both are more interesting and safer. According to Narauskas, the two scenarios would not be easier over time. "There are two different groups of us weighing in another way that they feel pressure, pressure. They would not want to become a burden to another person or always stop at the companion. T said he. "Anyone looking horrible can be another obstacle to another. It may be that a lot of effort will be required."

In the period leading up to the trial, D. Narauskas faced financial challenges – and thereafter is a long journey. The thought provoking man decided to ask friends and anyone that might support the GoFundMe online platform. Until the start, the young man gathered half the sum claimed, not only for his relatives, but also by strangers such as Lithuania with his dreams. "It seems to me that it was full of cosmos – who I am, people would like me to support, but they believed in my opinion," the runner made rejoicing. ""

Famous and unknown people and D. Narauskas also supported the essentials and advice. "It's not just money that is important, but also the experience that will help me when there is a crisis. It is a pleasure for me to have been involved and to be a part of my journey," i.

Not the first test

The previously unimaginable ambition of Lithuania is that the most important aspect of the mission has been the time. It is the training and personalization of personality, which has produced valuable lessons.

D.Narauskas remembered the challenge and the end of two years ago. By then, the man had carried over the United States from the east to east on a long sliding board. "I remember, maybe 18 km before the destination, New York, I've seen an overview of the town, the skyscrapers and felt so strange about me back." T – the journey was so rich that it was unlucky to complete it, and I think I will get the same feelings too, ”said D.Narauskas. at Alaska, he says that it is not recorded, that personal development, ancestry itself is more important to him.

This long trek was the skate board after the US, and Narauskas's idea to travel to Alaska led to his vision. One, cashless and Kaunas broken by hand, has become familiar with two things that happened to him and caused him to grow for decades. "I remember getting into an airplane with one American couple. When we landed in the United States, that man gave me a dollar and ordered me to spend it "So far, I keep this bank pencil in the penguin," said D.Narauskas.

Two years ago, traveling through hitchhiking has been very challenging in northern Europe, Lithuania. When they are not traveling, Narauskas provides graphic marketing and design services as well as yoga, self-education and active music.

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