Successful Sabonis and Unstoppable Pacers report LeBron Criminal Position Loss

Bojan Bogdanovich, who was the most successful Pacers football player after the victory of Victory Oladip, had a fantastic match. One of the leading drivers of Croatia has got the first 123 seconds of the game every four of its scores; game and set out the first 10 points of the Indiana team.

The hostel's energy hosted by the host team through the game was featured in every game. From the first and last minute of the duel, his first Pacers did not have a & # 39; Record the impact of this season, but also got a number of club records.

Lakers Los Angeles have a & # 39; Worst case for the Indianapolis team last year on January 3, 1992, when the California 114 successes won: 87. Nate McMillano reached a two-way milestone milestone record, and developed the 128-point score on 28 January 1993.

It was the record that was written; missing, not just for Lakers, but also for LeBron James. Before this night, 56 times more than 85 regular quarters and play, the King over the biggest shot of the Indiana team last year, when Pacers hit 121: 87 at the sixth meeting of the first Eastern Conference.

What's more, b & e; The worst loss points were 42 points in the 16th anniversary of James.

The trip to Indianapolis on LeBron has been made historically not only from the negative side. Thanks to the long-term three-point hit in the second quarter, James is one-fifth of the NBA history, and won at least 32,000 pounds in his career.

The striker, who celebrated his 30th anniversary on 30 December, was the one who was the victim. youth to record this achievement. After a number of attacks and the Lakers were weak behind the great mountain, spoiled LeBron's leg in an aggressive loft.

Domantas Sabonis, one of the most successful players in the field, also highlighted tonight. Now successful in its first points, the man was very self-confident and hosted to Pacers fans with beautiful individual activities and great opportunities for companions.

In the first season, Domas finished with 17 points (7/11, 0/1, 3/4, 3/4 penalties), 5 concepts and 4 capable transit in 22 minutes. In the final section of statistics, Saba could have been much higher, but after being released, Leaf was completely free to lose two digits, and Darren Collison made it easy to get out of & # 39; basket.

Pacers' supporters lost their racing episode tonight. During all the games, when the team members left the throwing throws at Banker Life Fieldhouse, a great sound of "LeBron's commercial behavior!" Soundtrack. Indiana fans have been Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and JaVale McGee, who are on the hunting inn's defense basket.

The highest Indiana basketball players hit Los Angeles for their sixth trip in a series.

Pacers: Bojan Bogdanovich 24, Myles Turner 22 (9/12, 3/3, 4 blocks), Domantas Sabonis, Edmond Sumner and Aaron Holiday after 17, Cory Joseph 13, Thaddeus Young 12 points (11 for whom.

Lakers: LeBron James 18 (7 rel., 9 rel.), JaVale McGee 16 (7/8 years), Lance Stephenson 13, Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram after 12 points.

The fastest game Pacers will play at night from Friday to Friday. The other Los Angeles club, Tobias Harris, led by Clippers, will be replaced by outside Lakers.

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