Swine flu and cold in the county of Siauliai – usually in flu vaccine

Siauliai Department of the National Public Health Center Department states that the number of cold and cold diseases in the county of Siauliai is still common for a normal flu season. There are plenty of colds and remote influenza.

The largest amount of cold in the city of Šiauliai
In the last week's data (12-18 November), the number of clearances and colds in Šiauliai county increased from 38.9 to 45.6 a. / 10 ths. The highest is still in Šiauliai, the smallest area in Šiauliai. Cold diseases are the biggest children.

Over the week, 1 203 residents of Šiauliai County suffered from cold, with 720 of them in Siauliai. The most children affected 72.2%. of all sick people. Influenza influenced the adult of the Kelmė area. There was no hospital due to bad inflammation in the hospitals of Siauliai County.

According to Daiva Kulikauskienė, a senior specialist in the Department of Conceptive Diseases in Šiauliai, the level of insistence is higher than last year. Compared to the same time last year, this year has slightly higher blood problems. In the same time last year, it has 40.0 levels of flu and cold infections in Šiauliai County. / 10 ths. of the population, 7 people affected the & # 39; flu.

Vaccine is the most effective prophylaxisse for flu
NVSC Siauliai Department recognizes that a vaccine is & # 39; most effective flu-slices.

After a vaccination with a flu vaccination, immunity will be immune; After two weeks, so it is recommended that its & # 39; The vaccine is recommended before the infection of a flu vaccine, so that the body has sufficient protection. Depending on trends in the long run, we usually have a cold infection in our country in January-March, so it is the best time for a vaccine; at present.

A flu vaccination is recommended for all patients over 6 months of age.

age groups and especially those at risk of influenza: pregnant women, 65 years of age. and for elderly people, people with continuing diseases, people living in social care and nursing centers and healthcare staff. People who are at risk of influenza are brought back to the state for a seasonal flu vaccine, and others get their; Vaccinate at their own expense. Citizens wishing to get the vaccine should contact their family doctor.

Prepared by NVAO Šiauliai Department

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