Technology is considered: cars have been the slowest home on wheels

And, accordingly, it's just the first, because the whole world is waiting for a technology called 5G.

"What is the communications technology now for communication, but 5G technology allows access to the items and cars become part of the Objects Internet. 5G Lithuania technology is available in 2020 . and it will focus on a large business, but its first checks in cars " conversation "with the environment already. For example, in London, New York, in some places, vehicles can" communicate "with traffic lights," said A.Stasiulaitis.

Photograph of autoclub Lithuanian speakers

Photograph of autoclub Lithuanian journalists "Litovian Car of the Year 2019"

It is true so far, there are no traffic lights in the "2015 Lithuanian Car of the Year", but a telecommunications expert specifies that the cars that were previously used by smartphones. In addition, the number of satirical virtues is only rising.

"Wheels are home-grown cars: with high-definition displays, three-dimensional graphics, animation, operating movements and, indeed, internet access," said a specialist.

Shared in classes

A.Stasiulaitis stressed that we are living late in late changes, but everything has not been successful in seeing it. Some, according to the expert, are like to be held in the past, although there are not enough people who speak in another language.

"In the year's car race, all 33 candidates, whichever class or price, have displays and a multi-media integrated system. This means the use of Bluetooth & Let's safely allow you to use a mobile device, play your favorite music, and order Apple or Android CarPlay to control their acting and instrument management information. Here, with a camera backdrop, new car level ", – hidden connoisseur.

There was a team of Telia witnesses, which included A.Stasiulaitis, experts in the range of internet technologies and communications technologies Giedrius Markūnas and Julius Ūža, a & # 39; division of test vehicles in three categories. A & # 39; The first is the simplest multi-media systems, as the connoisseurs said, all the essential tasks.

The most common Dacia Duster departments, all Suzuki models, Nissan Leaf. Indeed, the witnesses left that they were surprising them with the Honda modules exams after their competition. The multi-media system of these modules is to record Nokia's smartphone phone with the Windows operating system, which has once again been popular.

The second group, according to experts, can usually be named: Hyundai, Mazda, Kia, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Ford, Subaru, some of the BMW models.

"Ambition displays of high quality, high quality graphics, good ambition and imaginative activity – all things that connect to, phones are downloaded, do not forget and affecting the actions on the screen with wheels and double buttons, "- enter the speaker.

Telecommunications professionals seem to have to be the best of the best competitive cars, but with the BMW X5, Audi Q8 and Jaguar I-Pace, A-Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen T class -Roc also identified.

Photograph with Lithuanian journalists autoclub /

Photograph by Lithuania autoclub / "Suzuki Jimny"

"Here, the handhelds cover the OLED displays, with mobile and wireless access, screens, turntable when the button is pronounced, its ability to control it Hold on the screen with hand movements and many other features, which need to get a bigger time. " A.Stasiulaitis.

Each test car was evaluated by its communication company. In your opinion, the Audi Q8 and Volkswagen T-Roc modules can be shown to be the same as the best in the multimedia system, with the best possible decision; in the Mercedes-Benz A class, with the lowest score for Honda Civic and the "Nissan Leaf.

The physical buttons are still needed

Despite cars to be in a position; Increase communication with sensitive screens and get the physical buttons out sooner & # 39; If they are listed in the Red Book, communication communications are not hidden – they must do so.

For example, the largest show of Volkswagen Touareg 2008, which appeared in the 2019 Motor Motor Showcase, is spectacular witnesses, but not He got the largest number of points as a result of the colorful lairds that affect the inside of his & her; cottage.

Photograph with Lithuanian journalists autoclub /

Photograph by Lithuania autoclub / "Volkswagen Touareg"

"Quite too. I wanted to look at the road, and on the shades, at least as we were when we were driving at Touareg," hiding hidden foreign communications.

In addition, A.Stasiulaitis would not have to leave it; car in contact with the laird who was aware of the one. Accordingly, some of the amazing features of the use of physical buttons are.

"For example, if you choose to change the volume on a screensaver or a wheel, select a wheel. It seems to me that it is so convenient and better for the driver," – said the expert.

The "Lithuanian Car Year" election is scheduled for 22 hours. Which is the best car of the year published on November 29.

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