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Telia dispels hundreds of staff (contributed to 15:03 Employment Services Service) t

A large-scale telephony company Liauva is designing a sound on Thursday. A total of 285 members of staff will be recruited in a number of steps.

This was confirmed by LRT.lt Audrius Stasiulaitis.

Telia told us that this degree is intended to work, reducing the number of staff in Telia Lithuania and increasing the number of new jobs in the Telia Global Lithuania service center t the Vilnius.

In 2019 the number of people employed in Telia Lituay will decrease by 285 people and the Telia World Services team is expected to increase to 500 staff by the end of the year.

The implementation of structural changes to provide part of Telia Lietuva staff will be strongly offered within the organisation's in-house career opportunities, such as careers in the rapidly expanding Vilnius service center. If needed, the company says that it will help to re-train the staff – it will be organized by vocational days, which run programs such as the Telia IT Academy.

In cases where in-house career opportunities are not available to staff depending on their abilities or proposed new posts, employment contracts will be concluded. in the media. So, in 2019, at a number of levels, 285 staff can end employment contracts, which would see up to 12 per cent of the Telia Lituay team.

Staff subject to termination contracts will not only benefit the full benefits granted by the law of Lithuania, but also, according to performance assessment, additional support, by Benrov. For easy integration into the labor market, various consultations will be offered as required.

“People want high quality services, affordable service and good prices. Thus, as Lithuania's largest telecommunications company, we need to be leaders in technology as well as business management – both in the market and in the Telia Company group. In the future we plan to focus and invest in customer service systems and update processes. As a result, we will review our staffing roles and operational activities more fundamentally. This is essential for a more flexible, simplified and streamlined business structure that requires greater weight and importance over Telia Group, ”said Dan Strömberg, Chief Executive of Telia Lietuva.

According to Rekvizitai.lt, 3 April workers worked in 1923 in the company, but A. Stasiulaitis named in LRT.lt that data is not correct, giving around 2700 people. T all in all.

"There are around 2,400 people at Telia itself, and another 300 at the Telia Company service center," he said.

Until then, the biggest change in the number of staff, based on rekvizitai.lt, was set on 23 May 2018, when around 200 people were burned.

At the end of January this year, the company announced that income in Telia Lietuva in 2018 would be higher. over the year an increase of 2.1 per cent. reaching $ 376.5 million in EUR.

The net profit of Telia Lituayia in 2018 and close to the tenth – 9.2% – up to 54.7 million EUR.

According to Rekvizitai.lt, the average wage in the company in February was around 2150 euro.

Added 15:03

The Milda Employment Service spokesperson Jankauskien gave information to LRT.lt on Thursday evening that she had already received a report from Telia Lithuania.

“On 4 April this year, the service received a report from Telia Lietuva, which came from 4 May onwards, that the company was able to participate. plans to withdraw a staff group, 105 staff were recruited about redundancy, including 83 engineers, 16 sales specialists, 3 customer service coordinators and 3 administrative specialists. There was also information from Telia LT Customer Service, UAB, on the discovery of redundancy by staff, giving a warning about the 32 t service aspects.

The reason for removing the change is the change in the organizational structure and operating model of Telia Lietuva, AB and Telia Customer Service LT, UAB.

To help unstaffed workers in April there is a meeting with the Labor Service, ”she said.

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