The clothes shop will open for children – known and her offspring

“We want it not just for the shop and the closure of the door. We want to build a family community. Shop doors are open to everyone – you don't need to buy something. Nobody can just turn, say hello, to look at the difference. We are planning to hold events, a variety of seminars on children's fashion, ”says Greta Kundrotiene, the founder of the shop.

As reported in the news, singer Ingrida Kolytė came to a store in Vilnius, Ogmios. A woman is currently waiting for another child. As she laughed, she didn't reveal this knowledge of social networks, so he was a news story. Laura Mazalienė, founder of Mama Radio and co-founder Laura Mazalienė, two little girls of Julia Žižė, consultant health nutritionist Indre Trusove, blogger Sotera Šveikauskaitė, wife Alexander Brok, Gretė Smičiūtė-Brokienė with first-born and others.

L. Mazalienė, who spoke at the event, said that she was living in a very difficult situation at the moment. Homework, girl building, waiting for the son … Laura told me she wanted to spend more time thinking about those who would be future, targeting fertility. A woman who was waiting for the seventh month said she had a dream that she would have a son. The businessman laughed that he was a little handsome to the man who had to learn the child's future. He said his wife will now have more to laugh and give him more attention.

"The man said he would not be in his mind if he were the third girl. I wanted a son, I was talking about him loudly. I think this is our last child. It's time to go out and tell me what it means to grow a boy, ”she said.“ The mother of two daughters, Aurea and Deimilė, said she was very fond of her daughter. That's why the opening of this boutique is another place to find special clothes.

“He is an impressive buyer, I enjoy buying beautiful clothes for my daughters. Sometimes a person will complain about this, saying that I am spending unjustly. I try to tell him that my baby needs a taster from days gone by. In addition, if we buy clothes for an older girl, one younger will wear it later. I mix clothes – one in bulk stores and one in clothes special clothes. After all, the holidays are so fun for the kids to dress in, ”said the event's host.

Resource shelves are trademarks of Lithuanian and foreign manufacturers. Children can play and play well with the toys they sell. The interior of the shop was formed by the principles of Viking ministry design. Colors – pastel, soft and gentle, with natural materials mostly.

Erika Strazdauskaitė, broadcaster and TV broadcaster, noticed the little module style at the event. The author of the blog on moms and children style ensures that it is not necessary to allow the descendants to grow up early. Children's fashion is not similar to that of adults. Colors, patterns, plastic prints, accents need to refer to the younger ones.

“When I prepare my children, I try to have their clothes like the hide, but not losing their child. You don't need to be scared of mixing, creating and trying to prepare these little ones, ”the expert in style.

E. Strazdauskaitė differentiates three key criteria when they create a children's pocket card. These are colors, comfort and flexibility and the application of clothing. The woman is sure that new clothes should not be bought for one time. It must be boldly connected to the existing cabinet, and thus create a different set of citations.

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