The powerful are on the moon: the time is to go to; determine what it is

Some companies are already thinking about having a & # 39; taking part in the mining of the moon. However, there should be regulations that manage to & # 39; this process. Very little is the owner of the satellite rights of this Earth?

For 50 years ago, Niall Armstrong was a First person to speak to the moon.

"It's a small step for a man and a human jump for humanity," the American astronomer account has already been awful.

Later on, his company has a saying Buzz Aldrin which describes the beauty of her & her; planet.

They were members of the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969. The last person walked on the Skyline in 1972, but will change in the future.

Companies want minerals to be useful on their moon

A number of companies have already been announced that they expect geological research into the moon and, if possible, start making mineral materials there. The Land is gold, platinum and other rare elements among the possibilities that the planet may have.

The Chinese Cosmic Prob-e-4 has successfully succeeded in an unpredictable side of the moon in January this year. This scientific objective has been made by seeds of seed that were thrown out of the Land, which were successfully moved there. Scientists expect the test results to be used to create a moon foundation of moon.

The Japan company, iSpace, aims to build a Earthquake transport platform and test water on the moon's crack.

You know that all this is currently important to know what laws do you have; apply in such cases.

The Chinese probe began on its moon: a & # 39; shows the unexpected Earth side (SCANPIX statue)

The Chinese probe began on its moon: a & # 39; shows the unexpected Earth side (SCANPIX statue)

Greater Warranty of Spain Charter

The theme of many body buildings was discussed from the beginning of human flying to a place, which is still during the Cold War. Although NASA was planning to send the first astronauts to her; moon, the SA created a Spatial Agreement signed in 1967. Among the countries confirmed that the United States, the USSR and Great Britain.

This agreement states: "Spain, including its" Moon "and other foreign organizations, is not a result of national convergence, nominating their sovereignty, or by using, or by any other means. "

Speaker of Alden Advisors, Joanne Willer, announces the agreement to the & # 39; The Great War of Spain. It is especially due to the state banner on its moon (as Mr Armstrong and the other expert have done) means anything, because no one can explain the fields that are legally indicated, or the person or his / her; company or country.

In practice, until 1969, the theme of the pools of pools or fossils was not relevant. However, by entering technology, commercial use of Earth's satellite is now more likely than a wonderful story.

In 1979, the UN agreed on its Action Action and other contemporary groups, also known as the "Charter of Moon". It defines its & # 39; Principle that uses its & # 39; Moon was especially peaceful and says that the UN needed to coordinate with the start of the stations and build themselves, explaining the circumstances in which it rises.

The document says that its useful moon and minerals are a common resource for all human beings, and the Member States are promises "to establish an international system, and incorporate appropriate procedures, to regulate the management of natural mineral resource resources.

Moon mission (photo by Vida Press)

Moon mission (photo by Vida Press)

Certainly about being able to & # 39; future preservation of non-authorities

The key problem with the Agreement is that it has been signed by just 11 countries. Other countries with space programs, including China, the US and Russia, have not signed the document. Great Britain was also left behind.

According to Mr Willer, it is very difficult to find out what breach of these agreements might be. This should be done by the states themselves, who have signed and submitted their documents to their legislation. They should keep people or companies keeping the law.

According to Joanne Gabrinovich, who was a space law editor, international agreements do not warrant anything. It is a combination of politics, economics and public attitudes that they carry out.

In recent years, these international societies have been significantly tested and it is not clear that they will be followed in the future.

In 2015, the International Law Competition on Rath Learning, which has been accepted. deals with the rights of citizens to take minerals from asteroids, in the US. Moonlight is not mentioned, but in particular the active approach is capable of expanding.

Superman (picture by Eimanto Genio)

Superman (picture by Eimanto Genio)

One of the founders of Planetary Resources, Eric Anderson, has described this law as the most interesting in the history of ownership.

In 2017, a similar law was adopted in Luxembourg. He describes the right of possession of resources found in the space. The local government then said that Luxembourg would be a leader in this area.

Research and commercialization are undoubtedly. There are more and more countries willing to work with different companies.

"It is clear that the mining of minerals is useful when transported to the Earth or unused on its uncertain Moon, named by Helen Ntabeni of BBC Naledi Space Law and Policy.

According to her, it can be said that the United States and Luxembourg have refused to implement Spanish Charter provisions on a qualitative basis.

"I am deeply surprised that the main moral principles between equal rights nations are preserved," she said.

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