Thousands of Smarts Effective: Two Better Posts Review

High-quality smartphones are getting more expensive each year, so for the latest smarts they have to make a lot of money or choose cheaper alternatives. But, when you decide which phone should be chosen, few people ask whether it's cheaper to pay, or just to pay more for the name? Two cheaper but not lower flags – View Honor 20 and Samsung Galaxy S10e.

Samsung has started this year with three models of S10 of different sizes and prices. The most expensive Galaxy S10 windows cost up to 1609 Euro, but have 12 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal memory with its ability to expand the micro-car to 512 GB. As good as just in your hand and being comfortable to work even with one hand – the Galaxy S10e is much cheaper. The price is for no 759 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S10e and honest view 20 © DELFI / Robert Narmont
Samsung Galaxy S10e and honest view 20 © DELFI / Robert Narmont

In the second place, Huawei is ahead of the game in a smartphone sale. The lesser-known Badge also possesses the Chinese giant, especially competing in an Asian or Chinese market. The Honor View 20 phone in January 2010 is much cheaper than Huawei Mate 20 Pro's, which is costing 549 or 649 euro at Lithuania's memory.

Size before returning

The most recent Samsung flag can be announced as a result of mobile phones and phones. T In recent years, all the smartphones have crossed a 6-inch diameter, so the S10e is the rare infinity-intravenous 5.8-inch Infinity-O monitor. by one hand. At this time, it is the most valuable and most expensive child. In fact, the Galaxy S10e, both in appearance and size, was similar to the iPhone X or the iPhone X, but the price of these phones is much higher.

The Reverend is definitely more aware of his attention. The Honorable View 20, but only IPS LCD, has a slightly higher profile. But the back of this phone looks more attractive than the Galaxy S10e. It's a moving V profile, which shows the same Honor View itself. Young people should want to watch, so you would like to stand out, you like it. Samsung is only trying to try the user in the color range.

Cameras are built into the telephones. Such a solution, I like more or less scratch. Both also have flat screens, not curved screens, another feature of the phones which I personally enjoy.

Finger sensors are set in different locations: the V20 is back and the S10e on the right hand side of the phone is the button on / off. Both will work quickly and accurately, and Samsung's phone is the only practical solution. If you want to receive the messages you are receiving or just viewing the clock, the smart button will appear when you press a particular button. Sometimes it is tired because you are not always ready to start using smart.

It is fast, powerful, and wearing a jacket on the lintel

Technical side View 20 and S10e are very high and do not fall for more expensive flags. Phones use different but latest processes.

Currently at Honor Kirin 980 is the most powerful in China and Samsung uses the Exynos processor 9820. Both are working well, but Kirin uses a few more efficient resources so she will use improve the life of the battery. It feels like getting messages. Samsung Galaxy S10e will receive instant news on your phone and Honor View 20 is very strange. Sometimes you can get, sometimes not. It may be a little unusual if you do not follow the news registers, so when you launch the DELFI tool, all the messages will come at the same time. It does not matter whether push messages are activated in the settings.

There is a 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB memory within V20 tested and tested within V20 work and the second SIM card option, but there is no option to use the SD card card. . I think memory is enough if you're not crazy about pictures and videos that use most of your memory.

The Galaxy S10e has RGB and 128 GB of internal memory, but with an option to expand its micro SD card to 512 GB. You can also use OneDrive service and get 100 GBs for two years.

Both of the two mobile devices have flexible flexibility yet. It can even be used for headphones, but also for the microphone. For those who wish to telephone, an additional microphone can be attached to a higher sound. Ironically, the Honor V20 doesn't have a microphone for mobile phones and everything works properly on Samsung's phone.

One camera against two

The nearest smartest manufacturer is recently to stand out from his competitors. Touring makes it difficult for a visitor to take a camera. Most people usually use smartphones, so the camera presses very importantly on the phone.

The number of cameras on phones is growing. This year we saw a smart tune so far with five cameras on the back. Strangely enough, this year, not only the zoom, but the wide sensor who told me that LG symptoms used a long time, had a huge impact. This gives a very different picture of the pictures. Before that, to take a big thing, he had to flee from it to suit the framework. Now he's got to choose another camera for your phone and you don't have to go to the other side of the road again.

A company in South Korea offers two cameras with S10e behind – 12 BP and 16 MPs, and only one 48 MP camera and mobility depth and the V20 Time of Flight movement.

Samsung's first camera is 10 MP and Honor 25 MP. The numbers are much larger than the Chinese company's main mark, but they do not always lead to better picture and video quality. Technological solutions that determine the outcome of the question are important.

Honor View 20's camera is quite simple and identical to Huawei flags. Huawei Mate 20 Pro offers all the basic methods available: Hue, night, pictures, food, video and other techniques. It is good that the V20 at the phone is capable of enabling or enabling faster removal of false vision. There is a separate image for this. Mate 20 Pro and previous Huawei banners need to do in these situations. It is in fact not that HDR should be selected as a separate hunting mode. There is not always automatic or robotic prophecy about the blinds.

The most interesting situation is the pixel numbers named on the phone Honor. This module has a new 48 MP Sony camera browser, but the full mission isn't always working. If you choose to take photographs in different ways (picture, night, or HDR), then the number of pixels is only 12. Three fewer than the advertisement. There are similar conditions for other Huawei flags. Mate 20 Pro has three cameras and the highest resolution of 40 MPs, but to use the other two awards, you must select 10 quality MP images in the centers. Of course, there isn't a big difference in watching photos on the phone or in social networks, but it's different if that is what we want to do and enlarge. The level of accuracy then suffers a little. Although there is also one camera at View Honor 20, but with less than 12 MPs, you can use dual dimensions without losing quality.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is pretty different. The number of pixels varies according to different numbers (4: 3, 16: 9, 1: 1). If you have a normal camera, you have 12 MPs (4032×3024) if you have an extensive 16MP (4608×3456). There is no need to change options. When you start using your S10e phone, the HDR feature is automatically set up and it works properly. Much better than the Galaxy S9. I would prefer to have a faster option when I try to turn on or off somewhere in the situations. There is no double zoom, but a wide angle camera provides a completely different picture.

It is very strange that Galaxy S10e lost pixels in the picture. Only the quality of the video may be selected, but the images are not allowed. In fact, it is best to try at the highest level of decision, and not everyone needs 4K 60 frames per second. It takes up a lot of space, and still gets more feeling when it comes to social networking.

Evening photography is better than the Honor 20 picture than the Samsung Galaxy S10e. Although most of us are using automated situations, it is worth your choosing other alternatives that the director does. In the first instance, when you select manual settings, ISO is up to 102400 at the V20, and the Galaxy S10e has only Galaxy 800. When Night mode is chosen, the Host on the phone, evening or evening can devote no tripod.

Prof. Wilhelm Nicolaisen Summary Summary

The two instruments are very great and have their own advantages. First, they are much cheaper than Samsung or Huawei. Of course, the Urram View 20 phone with 4000 mAh battery is far better than the Samsung Galaxy S10e with a 3100 MAA battery. • The smartphone should be standing at the very least of a day of active use.

Honor View 20 has been enjoyed because the overall memories are high, the camera is very good, and not only does the battery quickly speed up but lasts well for two days t . He does not like the defense of dust and water, and would give an extra area of ​​extra dimension.

The size of the escort, the Samsung Galaxy S10e double camera, was protected from dust and water, but battery life was disrupted. You have to have small or powerful power, but with active use you must have a moving tower or battery.

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