TOP 7 of the "2009 Lithuanian Car of the Year 2019" has been announced

There was a significant service with an important event – the intermediate end of the election "The Year of Lithuania of the Year 2019". At its news conference, seven of the best cars were published and candidates for other nominations were announced. The final, winners of "Lietuvos metų automobilis 2019" and other nominations, will be held on November 29th. in the evening

The following modules (in alphabetical order) came to "Year of the Year in Litter 2019": BMW X2, Ford Focus, Hyundai Kona EV, Kia Ceed, Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Peugeot 508, Volkswagen Touareg ".

Applicants – from the cheapest to the most expensive

Applicants for additional nominations (all listed in alphabetical order):

Annual SUV: SsangYong Rexton, Suzuki Jimny, Volkswagen Touareg.

For design: Jaguar I-Pace, Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Peugeot 508.

Year of Wheel: Rock Baciuks, Antanas Juknevičius, Vaidotas Zala.

Annual Innovation: Hyundai Santa Fe, Jaguar I-Pace, Nissan LEAF.

Safer Nest Brooch: BMW X5, Dacia Duster, Suzuki Swift Sport.

Family car: Citroen Berlingo / Peugeot Rifter, Honda C-RV, Kia Ceed SW.

The most entertaining car: BMW X2, Ford Focus, Suzuki Swift Sport.

Business class car: Audi A6, BMW X5, Volkswagen Touareg.

It is interesting that cars were very different among the candidates for a number of nominations. For example, in the brake test, where Dacia Duster (the cheapest cheaper price election model), BMW X5 (the most expensive election car) and Suzuki Swift Sport rubbish can be stopped at a low level of fun.

There are many tests before you make a decision

Out of the 33 cars selected for the best in different types, not just a simple job. So experts from different areas are supported by the commissioners of journalists who are in the process of being able to access them. including Linas Butkus, Ramūnas Fetingis, Renaldas Gabartas, Mindaugas Grinius, Dainius Leonavičius, Vitoldas, Jurgis Paplaitis, Dina Sergijenko, Ilona Steponėne and Valdas Valiukevičius.

Most of the cars that were exhibited at the polls this year were also made by a suspension expert. Domas Zinkevicius's dynamic speaker, designer Tomas Jankauskas, Teleia telecommunications technology expert, scientists at the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) works at the Toyota factory in Sweden, Autoplius "experts and other experts from different areas.

WORK LEISER: V.Milius journalist developed his record on the Hyundai Kona electric vehicle that traveled from Vilnius to Palanga

Their own cars were determined on the platform where the off road was off, the braking test, the tests of devolution torque systems, the acceleration test, the Panevėžys Job Market Training Center on the ski slopes , and its main test camp at Druskininkai, where members gathered commission and several days later to try each election car.

Fuels and tires have a major influence on behavior, acceleration and comfort control. In choosing the "Year of Lithuania 2019", these criteria are not as small as one of the exhibitions of each participant has on European winter tires and the tanks are filled with Neste's fuel.

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