War between the richest man in the world and Trump: Bezos spoke publicly about the loss and loss

The magazine, with American Media Inc., told Mr Bezos's relationship with television editor Lauren Sanchez, and Mr Bezos asked researchers to find out if the article was politically promoted. Mr Bezos is the name of Washington Post, who is a publishes vital articles about D. Trump, who sees Pecker as his close friend.

On Thursday, Mr Bezos took an unexpected step and said that the National Advocate was at risk of publishing more information and publishing pictures if he stopped the search. The online publication featured a sketch of the pictures.

"Instead of being involved in rape and black games, I decided to showcase what they are sending me, despite her & # 39 , personal cost and problem is inconvenient, "said Bezos in the Central report. – Any personal issues that AMI can cause me to enter into the second plan because the other thing is more important in this situation. If I can not tackle crime in this situation, how many can I do? "

Mr Bezos also considered that the Invader's National invader could be encouraged by Washington Post articles about the murder of Saudi Arabian journalist, Yamal Khashoggio. "Because of the reasons that I still do not understand, this square is strangely hitting," said the billionaire.

The AMI representative did not respond to the request for comment. According to lawyer AMI Jonas Fine, who has an e-mail In his letters to Mr Bezos on Thursday's notice, Mr Bezos's magazine was interested only because he had an interest in the media because of his wealth and the situation, and politics were not involved in any way.

One of their emails Mr Fine suggested that Mr Bezos had circulated an agreed statement that he would not have any reason to believe that AMI's journalism was politically promoted.

As an alternative, a media party solution from a & # 39; publishing articles and illustrations by J. Bezos.

"It's like a classic emergency case," said Zachary Elsea, lawyer from Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert LLP in Santa Monica, California. The law is a criminal definition, among other things, which is; Trying to benefit from fear, and obvious AMI's risk of producing pictures that showcase; at risk, if Mr Bezosas rejects the bids, completely Combined with interpretation, says Z. Elsea.

Mr. Finally, formerly working for Amazon, was emailed to e-mail. they did not respond to the request to comment. The White House also responded to the request for comment.

This is the latest conflict between Mr Bezos and the US President. D. Short description of Amazon general director, & # 39; threatens his company with tax relief, antitrust complaint and more traveling expenses, at the same time as his / her; invading Washington Post as a "scam". 2015 Mr Bezos offered a flight to Trump in space, but he did not avoid sending his / her. president until Thursday.

War between the richest man in the world and Trump: Bezos spoke publicly about the loss and loss

Last month, Mr Bezos recited in Triton, and named his wife, MacKenzie, who was married for 25 years, announcing plans to complete his marriage. Just a few hours later, the first National Reference article on his relationship with L. Sanchez appeared online. The next day, Cut in the TV, he asked Mr Bezos to succeed in a & # 39; predict that the test would be "beautiful".

On Thursday, Mr Bezos published that Mr Pecker had cooperated with federal agents and examined payments made by National Enquirer by 2016. The president's election was held in At least one woman's account included that he had a romantic relationship with D. Trump. A National Advocate has registered independent credentials for content, and ensures that certificates are not shared with other media, and these stories have not been published.

Mr Bezosas is the largest owner of the Amazon with around 16 per cent of the shares. company departments. Amazon spokeswoman pointed out that the CEO and the founder were still "involved in all aspects of Amazon management." Mr Bezos and company representatives are still not announcing whether he intends to accelerate the gradual sale of Amazon shares. Amazon's representative refused to comment on Thursday.

The letters between Mr Bezos and AMI also acted as legal assault on the interesting drawings made by Mr Bezos to L. Sanchez. Mr Bezos asked the pictures to be related to him and that they would be enforced in copyright law. AMI Representative in one email The letters said: "Millions of Americans are interested in the success of Amazon, and your client is still the founder, chairman, general manager and president of This company, so its conclusions, which are reflected in its texts and pictures, definitely deserve its visibility. "

For Michebush Securities, Michael Pachter, who has been Amazon for many years, it was likely that this argument was quieter.

"I have no worries about Jeff Bezos' personal life and not my mothers if Trumpplandia has done it to be mixed with dirt," said Pachtker. "This has no impact on whether people want to continue buying Amazon".

American Media Inc. Supported by Anthony Melchiorre and Management Management hedge funds. A few years before Mr Trump arrived at the White House, Mr Melchiorre dropped his rescue journey for Pecker and went close to 80%. sections.

Leon Cooperman billionaire hedge manager has also put money into the publisher. Last year he said that he was actively led by Chatham.

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