Weather: Cold Wave – DELFI

Weather does not change Wednesday. At night we get a little water, and almost every day. In the west, no northwest wind brings heat. The night is from 4 degrees Cold to 1, at sea level to 3 degrees of heat. During the day we will meet only 4-8 degrees warmth.

On a Thursday, high pressure stress will rise. The clouds gradually spread, and the drops are smaller. It is only at night that some hope is happening in some places. At night the temperature goes between 3 steps and 2 degrees Celsius, the day comes back 4-8 ​​degrees of heat.

On Friday, the anti-cyclone promises even a dry weather. There is no larger fall. The north wind of medium strength will still be there. At night, he goes down to 0-4 degrees Celsius, and only a few of the thermal islands are left. During the day, the temperature moves to 4-9 degrees Celsius.

It is not worth waiting for a bit worse this end. On the night, the temperature turns around zero. In the days, the sun draws and the highest temperature sets out at 10 levels.

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