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What do the most famous knowers want to know: do we have anywhere in the world where we really live?

Global Unlimited Number and Other Human Human in the Other World: Does this controversial theory have scientific justification?

Part of two states

Multi-theory is, of course, one of the worst ideas in modern science. The origins of this theory are not entirely clear, but some, like the British physicist David Deutsch, look at the 20th century. Erwin Schrodinger's famous equations, created in the first half, with the idea that mechanization would exist in two states at the same time.

The essence of this theory is that our accuracy is not the only one – many others are in one form or another. Just as humans found out that Earth is just one of many plants, as they later found out, the Milk Way is just one of many stars in the , some pupils feel the same story can be recited by universal.

So far, we have no direct evidence that there are other globes, but the mathematical counters in the world are so accurate that they all think about how they could all be resolved? For example, cunmological stability refers to an empty density in an empty place. This consistency makes it possible to explain why the accuracy is expanding at an ever-increasing level.

It was estimated that this steady cunmological is 10-120 times less than the physics of rock physics. While this variation is still unclear to scientists, the decision of the slightest change in real terms must have been known to mean that the universe would not have been possible after that. the Big Bang. At least six weight, the smallest change means that the universe would not be the same as it was (for example, stars and planets were not created).

"Even though the energy was slightly larger, it would have silhouetted the graphics that created the stars, stars and Earth." Discover magazine was confirmed by a physicist Stanford Leonard Susskind. – This is one of the biggest mysteries of physics. We don't know if it was just bigger, we wouldn't be able to talk about it. ”

According to multivisat theory, there are many more people mixing all of these mathematical drugs. In at least one – in us – everything came in to create stars, planets, and ourselves.

The truth is located somewhere further

There is no shortage of theories: from the four-tone the cosmologist Max Tegmark positions the concept of circular accuracy, according to what the world always has. hold on Big Bangs that show over and over. M. Tegmark's four levels include different interactive themes.

He is a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2003. The proposed approach for classification of parallel accuracy. "Parallel themes are not theory, it is simply an attempt to predict specific theories," he said in his 2014 report in the book "Our Mathemat Universe".

The first stage is expansion

Our view of the world is restricted by his age. We can't see the far side of the light. Paying attention to the global expansion, the total speed that we can look at is 42 billion light a year away.

In fact, the first class of multivisata accuracy continues to the inhumanity of the whole world. And statistically, this means that everything or what has happened before comes to be repeated – even the birth of the Earth and the others. True, it is not possible to know what really goes on for the world seen.

The second level is the global globe

According to this theory, there are many bubbles, a universal mood, beside each other. The basis for this idea is cosmic inflation – a time of rapid expansion which happened in the first part of a third-trillion-second-trillion after the Big Bang. Finally, he created the universe that we see today.

Supporters of the globe are bubble that different space regions expand at a different pace, which, along the earth's bubbles, allow other bubbles to be created. There should be an infinite number of latter, each of which has specific laws for specific physics and medicines.

2015 The likelihood of the Receiving bell in a room rising to one multi-color "hit" into our place, significantly increased, but criticism was made well.

Third level – worlds

The theory of many worlds is based on average mechanics. The world is uncommon. For example photographs may be taken in two places simultaneously or in two states.

According to this theory, this also applies to all other activities and events. Everything that happens is happening, and every time it happens, a new accuracy will be created. It is suggested that this should create an infinite number of universe. This theory says we could "jump" from itself to another option.

The fourth level is the mathematical world

All pro-active theory has lots of commentators, but the worst is the worst. In the Universe Maths book, Tegmark says that it is purely mathematical construction of our accuracy as everyone else. We are parts of the simplest mathematical structure which state that it is possible to notice a similar "real world".

This is one of the "all theories" that are proposed to create and confirm each physicist. This theory should answer all the questions involved in the world and act, one side of every working class, the laws. As might be expected, Mr Tegmark's attempt to answer all the questions is impossible.

For example, a plant is made up of cells. These cells hold some buildings as they are made up of molluscs. Specific features of the molecules are the result of atoms that have broken down in a particular order. Atoms are owned by buildings that are made up of circuits and electricity. And here they have no other features, just mathematical. The plant itself, as with all objects, should be a mathematical structure.

If it's fair, prove it not

No problem is the problem alone – there is no doubt about the ability to prove the multi-faceted theory. After all, we don't jump into the other world, and we don't see it and the telescope. At this time, it's hard to accept blind statements about the other world, without direct evidence.

Even so, the idea for multi-group organization is surprising and encouraging. This theory has inspired many science fiction makers, and some of our best-known scientists are now supported. “It is not possible that we have different precision in another universe,” – Professor Stephen Hawking said.

Indeed the scientific community on this subject is scattered and appears to have stayed there for a short time. At the moment, many experts have seen “multivisata” as “isolation theory”.

The advantage is

Firstly, it can be proven that there are multiple species with cosmic inflation. In the first moments of our lives, our accuracy expanded more accurately, but was this expansion everywhere equal? If not, it can be assumed that space regions that expanded at different rates could be divorced. They would evolve.

Second, how can the laws and consistency of all physics meet in the world? If our accuracy is the only one, it may be more likely to be made. If there are an infinite number of elements, it is inevitable that all things are presented as we see it today.

Third, no one knows what the outside of the visual is. So far, the idea of ​​an infinite universe is very interesting.

Arguments against

There is no way to verify the statements about a multi-agency structure or foundation. If it is impossible to survey them, why should they be considered worthy of?

In addition, some physics say that multivariate theory does not solve any paradoxes, but creates more questions and uncertainty about the universe. Okama's race is known as William Okham. He comments that as few opinions as possible should be used to explain anything. If a number of theories describe it as well as identifying a sensitivity, it is necessary to choose one that requires fewer statements.

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