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Winter-limited vegetables are a genuine solution of cotton

When the weather comes cold, we will think of how they feed, so that the body is stronger than frost and its; invading viruses. Everyone knows how important it is to choose valuable food that does not hurt and that there are enough bears, such as quarrying plants. Experts note that plants that are surrounded are just not proud of traditional Lithuanian lagoons: Lithuania will be in winter; Coming to get potatoes and antioxidants.

Prevention of winter infections

Vegetables are converted into cold cold cooking in which you have everything you need to protect your body in the face of hard hardship. winter. According to Aida Matulevičiūtė, a nutrition health scientist, after solving the weather and reducing physical activity, the daily diary should be able to; including so many of the vegetables that are converted as possible due to the nutritional effects and the benefits of the body.
"Vitamin, antioxidants, fiber, water, and the most important thing, are plenty of prebiotics and probiotics that help the excavation system to include nutrition, and promote the creation of good bacteria and at the At the same time ensuring that the body is strong in the fight against diseases. This is a natural resource of vitamins and vitamins, which we lack in the winter, "- A. Matulevičiūtė, Inspector reported nutritional health effects.
Traders also recognize consumers' desire to provide useful materials in cold weather. According to Bertas Čaikauskaitė, the communications manager of the IKCO network of shops, when it comes to winter, will increase the tanned results.
"In the cold season, consumers are keen to choose calorie vegetables and full-bleed vegetables that they eat or eat other food. We & Seeing that the most attractive traditional shopping options – where it is baked and cucumbers that are newly sampled. But, seeing the need to enclose vegetables, we & # 39; try to bring such a wide range as boosted to more remote flavors such as cars or sauerkraut with cranberries, "said B. Čaikauskaitė.

Vegetables converted – not just garnish

When you do not know how to put your vegetables to your diet, the health scientist has a suggestion to & # 39; take these things into mind.
"Consider what kind of vegetables you prefer, what other foods you can eat and how your body is full of vegetables and vegetables. After evaluating these aspects, add to the Vegetable vegetables to daily food in a phased way. You can start with simple materials commonly found in Lithuanian food, such as beetotan or cuccor quartach, "suggested by A. Matulevičiūtė.
The specialist said herbal vegetables should be the main ingredient in the variety of foods: "I recommend vegetable plants to be a home for different foods to be and I will add them together with different types. Limited vegetables can be supplied as a garnish and as a main dish. Try to bring vegetables into daily meals, use imagination, revive. Here the group will include the wide range of lime and nutrition. "

Protection of viruses from zoos

There are several ways to add tanned vegetables to your menu. According to B. Čaikauskaitė, a kitchenette, Lithuanians are particularly fond of a green vegetable zoo soup, which are combined with different foods and are used as a cure against viruses.
"We note that the demand for seed vegetables, but also zoos, will grow in winter. Buyers will make shoes on the basis of juice, salad or drink , and thus try to protect themselves against coldness. So, the saorakraut sauerkraut will often get in a basket of customers, "said B. Čaikauskaitė.

Prepared according to IKI information

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