Little green Terrace & # 39; who will remove vegetables from his mother to Sai Gon-House beautiful


Only a Terrace is 15m2 but Phuong Lynh (Ho Chi Minh Town) continues to grow all kinds of vegetables for family food.

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The mainland is only about 15m2 but with skilled gratefulness and the use of iron racks, plastic notices, climbing strips around that place, Phuong Lynh (HCMC) should be converted into gardens with plenty of fruit vegetables.

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Phuong Lynh said she had started a garden on the five year old bar. Initially because of eating raw vegetables and bought the sponge boxes for sporting. After a while to grow, she was interested in this work, she loved the tree and love for care, so her husband put in to make shelves and buy a plastic banner for her committed to fulfillment.

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The vegetable garden is well-designed, wise to grow as many vegetables and fruit every day.

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She was just planned and torn entirely with salmon fertilizers. When he found the plague, she solved water, chilli, ginger, garlic and sprayed just on herbs.

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Phuong Lynh, who is unfamiliar with the development of foam barrels, that holes should not be contaminated at the bottom of his head; barrel and only holes looking at the body of her body; barrel, base and 5cm barrel. The reason is to keep the water at the bottom of a & # 39; bin, avoiding new drift and fertilizer.

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According to her, the most difficult thing is to carry land to her; bar, the work as a fertilizer, vegetable gardening as a portion should be a feeling that is not so hard but also a & # 39; brings joy every day

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Green green vegetables at the corner of the apartment.

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Due to the restricted maritime ranges, to give enough family vegetables, she grows almost a seasonal vegetable. In the winter, she grows plants, tomatoes, and peggy. In addition, she uses a little spin to make spices, and using the high altitude to make grows to increase food for the family.

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For Mrs. Phuong Lynh, the plant gardens on the land are; Give me food to make sure the family's health, but most importantly, is the place to do with the # 39; get to nature in narrow streets, humans. In the family there was "work plowing" after the work that was struggling.

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5 years leave, because vegetables are clean to eat, sometimes with nearby herbs, smaller for market purchase.

Hai Phong, 3 years of plant gardening on her / her, now is & # 39; Seeing the 60m2 farm that enjoyed everyone

Tomatoes, bean sprouts, squash, vegetables, spiral water … almost all vegetables have grown on a small area with just a few …

According to An Vy (Dan Viet)

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