LIVE: 27 die from the flu in Chihuahua; they registered 243 cases


Gumaro Barrios, deputy director of Interdependence of the Ministry of Health, pointed out that statistical data were available for the increase in influenza cases, as this disease is theological dyslexia, and t that is, it falls in one year and the next can increase, so they urge parents to look for immunization centers to prevent the disease.

He confirmed that the Ministry of Health has two flu vaccines in two primary schools, five in Jesús Reyes primary school and three in Amiga de la Obrera school.

He also noted that the unit had recorded 72 cases of flu during the previous winter season, so this 2019 has numbered this number.

The State officer said it was not argued that schools in the Chihuahua town have more flu cases, but they must carry out the corresponding inspections in educational establishments.

It is notable that the Ministry of Education recorded symptoms of flu in children in a dozen secondary schools, ten in public schools and two in private schools.

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