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Background information about the Philippines and Thailand

Thailand and Philippines are at the top of Group B with 6 points after two games, but Thailand is +9 and Philippines are +2. There are also 3 points in Singapore and Indonesia but Indonesia is not last year 1 and Singapore 0. Timor Leste is at the bottom of its board that there are no points.

Thailand will definitely win the Filipin Islands and Singapore will not affect Timor Leste. If they go with the Philippines, tickets will go to Singapore if they miss the Timor Leste. In general, they need 4 points to make sure tickets are going on if they have not received benefits after them today.

The Philippines will also be in the event, they will benefit Thailand and Singapore. Failing against points against Timor Leste, Thailand and Singapore were not losing Timor Leste. The 4 islands plus Thailand 4 points need to be sure of their final.

Storm passes, the weather is committed to confirming it

It's a disturbance to the # 39; This game will cause Toraji (or Samuel) to delays his game as a result of the Bacolod area. However, local wells have reported that the storm has gone through the town without serious damage, and that the normal game has no heavy rain.

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