Live for a long time! The Chinese women's football team in Australia plays a warm match with local men's football – the best team, the star, the group, too – sports now


2018-12-11 17:10:06 Tobar: Sports Today

The results of the French women's World Cup group in 2019 have now been announced. For a Chinese team, it is clear that it is a good sign for the German team, the Spanish team and the South African team. But, apparently, which team does not want the third team in the Chinese team. For a Chinese team, "Women's World Cup must enter the eight high" the main goal for France next year.

Regarding the strength of China's team, the game with the German team and Spanish team in a difficult battle. Even if they play against the South African team, the Chinese team should not be lightened. According to a timetable, if a Chinese team gets a & # 39; First in Group B, they will deal with the best third place in Group A, Group C and D Group. This is clearly the best product for a Chinese team. If the team can not get their first place, the situation is bad. Even if it's going to become the second group B, a Chinese team will go to it; first appears in the & # 39; F group, and is likely to be the enemy team in the enemy. Once the third team has the best third place, the Chinese team may have the best. addressing the name of a group D or C, which may be in Japan, England, Australia and Brazil. The neighbors also have the same strength. Strong. To progress to the final season, the Chinese team needs to work harder.

In preparing for the French women's World Cup, the Chinese team will go to Australia for training. Australian team coach Alan Stajic published some Chinese team preparation plans. "I know that a Chinese team plays some cooling games for some Australian football teams in Australia, and even played against the men's football team. The Chinese Football Association has made a strong contribution to to the Chinese team, and has given huge protection against property and resources. This gives them the chance to become a strong World Cup opponent next year , "said Stajic.

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