Live Philippines vs Thailand AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 tonight


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Philippines: Falkesgaard; Sato, Ott, De Murga, Strauss, Palia, Steuble, Alvaro Silva, Schrock, Reichelt, Phil Younghusband.
Thailand: Chatchal; Philip, Chalermpong, Pansa, Korrakot; Thitipan, Tanaboon; Sanklat; Adisak, Supachai.


– The game has started. Under the influence of Hurricane Toraji, heavy rain in the village of Bacolod. Previously, the organizers stopped their game because of the fear of storms; come ashore.

– MINUTES: SLEEVE EARLY. His first location was dangerous at her; a game when the AAF Cup 1, a visit to 2019, Adisak Kraisorn, observed the keeper's guardian decided to make a technical base from a distance but Falkesgaard is still in time. Choose to catch a member on the lime.

– MINUTE: Visitors play a & # 39; game to play aggressively and send Philippine players closer to the area 16m50. The Philippines's players are struggling to work hard.

– MINUTE 11: The Philippines are going back in the & # 39; game and push into Thailand as a warship with a wild competition in the middle of its the park. Thailand has used a long time to get the ball quickly down two sides instead of entering the center.

– PHUT 14: players from the Philippines on the left, hanging on; the wall to the corner of the visit but the straight line well.

MINUTE 19: Peter Strauss, a Philippine midfielder playing in the second division of the Bundesliga of Germany, was dismissed but the ball was killed.


– PHU 23: He added a yellow card, still for the players. The referee was reminded of the midfielder Thitipan 8 with a dangerous member on the edge of the border. The defender before Philipe Roller got a yellow card after he was killed on 11-person Sato.

– MINUTE 25: The Philippines are sweeping and trying to take the team into the team, Bringing Thailand to believe hard to stop it. The third yellow card was drawn for Tanaboon in Thailand. The Philippians were hot when they had to face their enemy's opponent. Martin Steuble (Na Philippines) needs to be able to get her & # 39; card due to response error.

– MINUTE 30: Wind is a & # 39; blown in an area of ​​16m50 in Thailand, but then Reichelt's Football got off. Shortly after, Patrick Strauss launched another seamless but he could not hit the target.

– MINUTE 37: MAKEING HERE. The home team lost a chance to score again. Steuble was trying to & # 39; steering the wall on the right wing, but Phil Younghusband missed a ball, but Sato was still behind but the Japanese was sure.

PHUT 42: Another opportunity for the Philippines when Manuel Ott comes from a 16m line but the ball should easily enter the Chatchal warden.

– First half finished in drag 0-0. Thailand got better but did not do so much to the Philippines. The home team was higher than the number of dangerous opportunities created but the practice is too bad to visit any goals.

The Philippines were disturbed by & # 39; bent with Thailand on a small court

Local football fans were shocking and dying. pushing the home team due to the choice of stones on the field, with a capacity of less than 20,000 people. This is the second baby stadium at the 2018 AFF Cup, just above Kuala Lumpur's Kuala Lumpur Park. However, Kuala Lumpur is home to Timor Leste Malaysia and home to Bukit Jalil with almost 90,000 seats.

At the same time, the stadium of the Philippines is Stadium Panaad. The fans said that this stadium is not equal to the size of the Philippines game by Thailand, which comes to the top of Group B. Celebrities have also been identified as a local level stadium but has been reinforced to compete to do. International Competition.

Niall Etheridge

The biggest football star in the south-east Asian football is to come back to England to prepare for Cardiff on the weekend. The player who did not play it; The first 12 visits in the Premier League asked Billionaire Bill Tan to let him go; Thailand stayed in Malaysia despite arriving in Malaysia for dinner with the head of Cardiff last week.

Statistics five last matches

AFF Cup 2016: Philippines 0-1 Thailand
AFF Cup Final 2014: Thailand 3-0 Philippines
AFF Cup 2014 semi-tour Cup 2014: Philippines 0-0 Thailand
Related 2014: Thailand 3-0 Philippines
Cup AFF Cup Cup 2012: Thailand 2-1 Philippines

Pre-match connection

Six points on Thailand and Filipin are behind the first two events, and # 39; Group B guidance. The Philippines have a strong start in the season when Sven-Goran Eriksson came on his / her; hot city. The Philippines show well-prepared for AFF Cup, even if it's a? going to the final tournament. But for doing so, they need to win their first place in front of Thai initiatives.

The force is not the strongest for the 2018 AFF Cup but Thailand is still showing its strength; 7-0 victory over Timor Leste and 4-2 against Indonesia. The game has plenty of play and flexibility, with Adisak Kraisorn a & # 39; struggle in the cases that help Thailand with confidence in the Philippines.

Direct Philippines vs Thailand AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 tonight

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