Live Singapore vs. East Timor AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 tonight


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Singapore: Grian, Suzliman, Arfin, Baharudin, Hamzah, Kamal, Shafiq Yacob, Harun, Quak Yun Ji, Ifran Fandi Ahmad, Ikhsan Fandi Ahmad

East Timor: Raul Fernandes, De Oliveira, Guterres Siva, Da Costa Freitas, Da Silva Garcia, Da Costa, Reis, Viegas, Walter Gama, Moreira, Goncalves


– The game has started

– MINUTE: SINGAPORE is a FIRST SESSION. From the right, Ifran Fandi Ahmad in the end, hit the ball on her & # 39; player before the edge.

"Timor Leste's match is essential"

There are currently 3 points in Singapore, less than the top teams in Thailand and Philippines 3 points. So, the home team leader, Fandi Ahmad, was a good indication of the time of Timor Leste, even if it was said that this game is vital.

"Timor Lester is very aggressive, frightened and challenges his opponents with full attack power, so the most important thing for Singapore is the highest focus. We need to win , even win, "said Fandi.

Singapore to win

Singapore went into the third round of AFF supporters with a trip to Timor Leste. The visitors were out of their destination when they lost their mail; The first three matches and Singapore had ever had an impact.


Fandi Ahmad is the third, three points behind and just one goal in this year's competition. This means that Singapore needs to be & # 39; At least three goals in the Timor Leste network were given to be able to compete for the second place by winning the next.

It's not a job that's impossible because the team's team protection is proven by a & # 39; 13 out of each game. It can be said that the Singapore game "needs to go over itself" to create opportunities for themselves.

Na Philippines within Thailand

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