Live: Slavic Warrior wants to start Germany, Šket a & # 39; supporting the Belgian competition


ACH Volley starts Wednesday in & # 39; the biggest football championship, the European League. The Friedrichshafen natural team is the first enemy of the Dragons in group C, which is led by the Vital Heynen Pole, world electorate.

A fifteen-year-old team of national champions, which is currently the only team in the Slovenian Championship, is waiting for his / her. The first time in this season is the most difficult test. They test their form against German pods, for ACH Volley coach for Andrej Urnaut They believe they are very well served on the homeland, but they often go. A high-level block situation for the opponent: "They are a whole team, because they play very well in all situations."

He also thinks he's at a high level for his own people's game. "In fact, we need to serve and get well if we want to play with them. We are in a game with good idea and, indeed, the impact," he added to the ro Ljubljana team, who has a wide range of experience with German teams. As a player in the 2002/2003 season and as the main coach of 2009, he was part of the German campaigns, now known as the Berlin Recycling Volleys.

Although he did not play a player in the last two games due to illness Jani Kovačič, On Monday, he has been trained on a regular basis and will be able to help partners in Friedrichshafen. The game starts at 8pm

In addition to ACH Volley, Slovene colors will also be represented by two Slovakians in the European League. Alen Shket hosting Halkbank in a & # 39; first round of the Belgian podium de Roeselare, Tineta Urnaut However, Modena is looking at a bet that is a fighting with the Italian band Luba Civitanova. Italian teams have already moved a few days ago, after five sets in the fashionable Chividale are celebrated in Modena.

European League, Round 1:

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