Live: the last action in London. Young German or Djokovic?


Just in the final competition in London, the last event will be; happens, when Novak Djokovic and Aleksander Zverev will be measured in the finals. I prefer to be a Serb, and indeed we should not write a young German.

Those who are finally named of the history of each other have a long history. So far, they have moved four times and are divided into half (2: 2). Last week, they played in the group as part of the last week's final competition, which was better than Novak Djokovic after two sets (6: 4, 6: 1).

Alexander Zverev


This incredible young person did not accept this from the #video audience

The fact is that Djokovic is in a special format and it's very difficult to hit. The statistics on the Serbians are very frightening, since all Toronto competitions, if we are launching a Laver Cup, we do not know what it is. case. Nole in London's competition has yet to give a string and, after 1986, when Ivan Lendl, I was successful. It's the first player to win the competition without going to # 39; missing a set. He would also be the oldest winner of this competition for 31 years and five months. Novak, however, expects totally different expectations in the finals and teamwork.

Bryan and Sock who won among their couples

Mike Bryan and Jack Sock.

Mike Bryan and Jack Sock.
Picture: Reuters

The Americans Mike Bryan and Jack Sock won the ATP awards in London. In the finals, the Americans defeated Pierre-Hugues Herbert and Nicolas Mahut na Frainge from 5: 7, 6: 1 and 13:11 and defended them in the effort of the group.

For Bryan, this is the fifth of the winning and original mains without Bob's two brothers, who finalized the season as a result of their injuries in May. With him, the third place was a success in these competitions. Not only are the relatives Peter Fleming and John McEnroe, who won seven titles together. There are four Bob Bryan and Canadian Daniel Nestor. Sock won its first title.

The Americans, Wimbledon winner and US boy or fifth seeds, could save the game a little earlier, throwing five final balls, one of them also the eighth keeper , Francoza.

"It's very hard to hit."
Picture: Reuters

"The second half of the year has almost lost"

Aleksander Zverev showed a very good match in the semi-final match on Saturday and beat Roger Federer from the competition. Above, however, they are not the most enthusiastic fans there, because of the repetition of one of the points after the end of the # 39; game has been very hard. Twenty-two-year-old German had a very awful look after that.

"Novak is the best player in the world at this time, it's very difficult to hit," he said. "In the last half of the year, he almost lost a duel, and played tennis tennis." "You need to play the best tennis game so you can get any chance. Sunday is being ruled," said Aleksander Zverev.

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In the finals Zverev and Djokovic, which broke South Africa




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