Live: Zajc fear in the fight for the stairs


Following the team race, marked by the local police, the Slovenian took a seventh place, there is a separate test in Wisla. Timi Zajc joined the Slovenes, because it's the fourth place in the first series. For Japan third, there are only 0.4 Kbajaši pounds behind. In the end, Anže Lanišek and Anže Semenič work for their company. Bor Pavlovcic and Tomaž Naglič were too short.

He kept a good player from the test series Timi Zajc and again again to achieve them. He jumped 126 meters, which was a good result in difficult situations. It is still in excellent third place.

In the final, its & # 39; company Anže Lanišek (124.5 m) and Анже Семенич (123 m).

Bor Pavlovčič there Tomaž Naglič they were too short. The first leak was just 114.5 meters, the other 118 meters, and the two performances were too small for the final lines.

Performances of Soviet in the experimental series:

1. Robert Johansson (no) 134 m / 79.2

10. Timi Zajc
126 m / 71.2
11. Bor Pavlovčič 128.5 m / 70.2
14. Anže Lanišek 120 m / 66.8
31. Tomaž Naglič 119 m / 56.4
47. Anze Semenich 107.5 m / 39.9

After the first season of the season, after Friday's qualifications, the oldest and oldest in the national team, aged 35 Jernej Damjan and 17-year-olds Jacques MogelIn addition, the first person of Shlovakia, Last Patrick, which is still recovering after your wound.

Last Patrick


Petar does not have the real coach before #juvju




Bertoncelj wing leap


After a seventh place, the applicant submitted applications




On the 40th World Cup calendar, this winter is a total of 35 matches, after the International Scout has granted a temporary qualification for the 2018/19 season on Friday at Swiss Airport Oberhof in Vikersund.

There are seven team trials during the season, and seven games will also have on hills; Two in Oberstdorf, two in Vikersund and three in Planica in the finals of the season.

Daniel and Tande


Tande returned to the World Cup after a serious illness

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