Liverpool FC star, Sadio Mane, explains why he did not want a video movie to clean a mosque toilet; going public


Some of the most noble work in society are those who are not aware. And after having a cleaning toilet at her & # 39; His local mosque, Liverpool appeared on Saturday night Sadio Mane wants his friendship to stay in private.

The 26-year-old Muslim age is lively and regularly visits Al-Rahma mosque in Liverpool.

When he met in September, just a few hours after Liverpool had defeated Leicester, Mane came to another worshiper who was involved in cleaning the toilets at his house. a mosque.

So the Senegealse decided to be able to help it, it seems that it was not known that it had been & # 39; support him. When he realized, Mane published his / her request the unknown person to upload it to the internet.

"I'm Muslim, I pray five times a day and, as soon as I can, I'll do it at a mosque," he told a French newspaper L & # 39; Equipe.

Sadio Morning working Photograph: Liverpool FC through Getty Images

"When I went there, and then I found a very good friend, Ghanaian.

"I invited him to drink at home after the prayer and said," No, I need work, I need toilets to wash a mosque. "

"Tell me that we were doing it together. At that time, someone made us a movie and asked me to put it online.

"He begged he did not do it and the next day he was on the internet. At least, it does not matter."

Jurgen Coupp: Sadio Mane's statement is & # 39;

Mane, who came from Southampton in 2016, recently introduced a new five-year contract that he held at Anfield until 2023

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