Liverpool Lead Lead Group Play League Even though Lie Southampton is at the bottom of Disciplinary Rankings


Liverpool has been featured as the current directors of the main Fair Play League programs, and Southampton is at the bottom of its " Board of Regulators after moving yellow cards to date to date.

The Reds played an excellent campaign in 2018/19 in the league so far, and they are currently sitting second in the league table – behind the City City on different goals, but with a game very important. Jürgen Klopp's side is the best defensive record in the league, and the amazing development of the side on the back has been very important for the enhanced fortune.

Andy Robertson, Jurgen Klopp

According to the official FA website, the Reds have just built 23 yellow and two red cards in 26 league games. Chelsea is the second best team in the competition, with Maurizio Sarri's side receiving 33 warnings, length & Manchester United and Southampton are at the bottom of their table, with 51 and 53 yellow cards collected.

Everton and Leicester Town are increasing in relation to red cards, with each side; build four quarters. Chelsea and Arsenal are the only teams of this season that a single player has not removed, but the Guns are the 13 in the record after they have built a card of 46 yellow cards. Manchester City is 3 overall, while Tottenham Hotspur is closed fourth.

David Luiz

Trackers of Bad Boys & # 39; smuggling competitions may be interested. of 90 million years – the end of the top ten players throughout Europe – José Holebas Watford (top ten finalist in 2017) is a Watford player in the Premier League, when the referee got the name ten times this season.

At the same time, Bayern Munich's image of Arjen Robben has been on her face. strive for his conflicts between him and Liverpool before the Scottish League defeats the next week, saying that Anfield is the worst stadium he has played. The player said that the Reds was the worst shock for him, due to his memorabilia of disappointment against Liverpool in his Chelsea days.

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