Liverpool will use & # 39; monk to block Barca to Sporting blood


In early 2018, Barca continued to host Philippe Coutinho midfielder after going to & # 39; cost up to 160 million issues such as transfer rate. In less than four years, another star of Anfield's side, Luis Suarez, was surrounded by "giants" of Catalynya with 82.3 million euros.

Being a witness that the highest stars are always in Barca, "Liverpool needs to sing" a fantastic way "to stop this. So after Coutinho was sold to La Liga show, "The Kops" has decided to stop the buyers of Noucamp to buy the players for three years.

In particular, if not before 2020, the Barca will buy any Liverpool players, they have to pay 100,000 more for the Anfield team. This in part means that "Blaugrana" is a # 39; the decline of hosting the enemy's star.

At this time, Barça loves stars such as Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, Alisson, Virgil Van Dijk, and Roberto Firmino, but they have to pay an additional € 100m. For example, if you want Salah to hire for 60 million euros, the Camp team will host; Costs up to 160 million experts to complete their mobile fee.


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